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Why do I always feel so on the other side?

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    I've been an on and off physics major 7 years, (I took 7 sophmore/freshman level physics classes) and studied alot from my engineering physics texts. However, everything I come across has something new and inventive, or a different procedure of calculus being involved. Different proofs, theorems, etc. Will this all eventually mix together, or should I just accept that there is just too much to know out there?
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    There's two parts.

    Yes, there is too much to know everything, but also, yes, things will mesh together with more and more clarity as time progresses. You can't expect to know every possible derivation to every possible theorem. And just because you see a new derivation to something you have seen before does not mean you have learned new physics necessarily.
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    All you have to do is to know the important and basic theorems and proofs and everything else will be derivable. Unfortunately there is a lot of that type.
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