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Why do lanthanides have +3 oxidation state(most stable).

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    Lanthanides can exhibit 2,4 states also but why 3 is most stable one?
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    Have you checked their electronic configuration?
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    Yes, 4f0-145d0-16s2.
    So when d has 1 electron then we can say that there are 3 valence electrons but in case there are 0 electrons in d then it should be 2 , the most stable but that is not so.
    What to do?
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    You may think that I have understood or answered on my own in above post.
    But carefully looking that is not so.
    I mean when the elec. con. Is 4f0-145d16s2 the oxidation number is 3 which is okay but how when
    elec. con. Is 4f0-145d06s2 the oxidation number could be 3?
    Shouldn't that be 2?
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