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Why do so many career criminals have records for forgery?

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    I often browse the criminal records of inmates at the Georgia Department of Corrections website. A surprisingly high percentage of the inmates have arrest records for 1st Degree Forgery. The inmates that have arrest records for forgery are not the white collar criminal types of inmates. The inmates who have arrest records for forgery tend to also have long arrest records for burglary, robbery, theft by taking, and even rape.

    However, when I think of forgery, I would tend to think of white collar crime committed by office workers forging checks, etc.

    I think that these robbers and burglars who have arrest records for forgery must steal checkbooks from victims or steal the payroll checks from businesses and cash the checks themselves.

    Do you think that stealing checks is what is going on most of the time with the arrests for forgery?
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    Checks, credit cards, banking or identity theft . We just had a case here where a man was killed, and the murderer lived in his home for several months, cashed his SSI checks, cashed in bonds, maxed out his credit cards and cleaned out his bank account.
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    I'll refrain from comment about that, but if Georgia is fun for you, Florida has a nice site - some with pictures.

    They list about 10,000 forgers/counterfeiters and lots of other crims to cruise too.
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    You spend your time looking up criminals on the georgia website?...........................
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