Why do they bother fortifying cereals with iron?

  1. Doesn't milk block the absorption of iron? :confused:
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    Only a little bit, you still get more iron from the fortified cereal.
    Or you could just eat steak for breakfast!
  4. I wish I could eat stake every day... my favorite.
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    Some of us don't put milk in our cereal, because it makes it soggy. :wink:
  6. Andy Resnick

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    My understanding is that the 'iron cycle' in people is incompletely understood, but our daily requirement is very low:


    You can 'recover' the iron in fortified cereal really easily (I used Wheaties)- crunch it up really well, add lots of water, and then stir the glop with a magnet. My kids and I did it one morning for fun.
  7. berkeman

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    Okay, I'll bite. What do you put in your cereal? If you eat it dry, what cereals?
  8. mgb_phys

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    Mashed up banana is nice
  9. berkeman

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    Dry with mashed up banana? You folks are getting a bit weird on me. Still, I have cereal in the pantry, and bananas on the hanger.... Dare I?
  10. A small bowl of Musilex cereal with vanilla yogurt and fresh sliced strawberries or blueberries, sprinkled with two tablespoons of whey protein powder topped off with raisons is yummy and healthy.:smile:
  11. mgb_phys

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    Granola or muesli works - cornflakes don't!
  12. On a serious note, women need more iron in their daily diets than men do. Because of our different physiology, men can in their middle years can develop hemochromatosis-iron overload, since they do not require as much iron. Because iron is added to more than just cereal and protein intake also increases iron; men should pay attention to their intake of iron. Taking a 'mens' multi-vitamin is better than a regular one as iron is not added to that formulation.
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