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Suggestion Why do we have General Physics?

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    I recently posted a question regarding what science would look like if the nonexistence of the Higgs was proven in general physics, because I didn't know what types of physical theories might be involved in the discussion. It was moved to high energy/particle physics. I was involved in a discussion on calculating the mass of potential energy in a gravitational system- That was moved to general relativity.

    Why do we have a general physics forum if there are forums for relativistic physics, classical physics, particle physics, quantum physics, atomic physics, and physics beyond the standard model? What kind of discussions are really suited for the general physics board? (I just don't want to be the guy whose discussions always have to be moved by the admins) Is there really any need for the general physics board?
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    The sub forums we have might not cover all topics well enough or someone may want to discuss an industry/discipline wide issue. We also have cases where people are not sure which sub forum to post. We are happy to move them for you. The system isn't perfect, but it works well enough :)
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    Well, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Thank you.
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    Having a thread moved is a good thing. It can then be seen from two different places.
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    Yes indeed it does. :approve:
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