Medical Why does diarrhea burn when it leaves?

  1. I was discussing this with my friend about this. He said it's because of stomach acid not being properly neutralized causing the burning. I said it's because of undigested food chemicals or something and you have to wipe so much more. I thought if it was the acid it would cause more much damage to the intestine? So what's the science behind the burning?
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    1. chemistry: digestive enzymes attacking soft tissue (usually they're all done by the time they come out with normal digestion, but they're still doing their work with diarrhea)

    2. physics: water is abrasive; high water content is more agitating. It's also often carrying half-digested chunks of food which can be abrasive too.
  4. Food spiced with chillies can cause diarrhoea and the active ingredient that causes the sensation of heat(is it capsicum?)can burn on the way out as well as on the way in,I think.
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  6. I'd add... if you have diarrhea, you're likely to be excreting quite a bit, in bouts between which you clean yourself. There is mechanical abrasion involved there, and the cramping that is often related to the 'pooping' can also cause very small tears in the rectum which is pretty sensitive.

    It shouldn't concern you on its own.
  7. Use baby wipes, very gently.
  8. I'd add, a 50-50 Witch Hazel and water solution is also very helpful, but it WILL sting like the devil at first, then sooth in the long run.

    Long run... heh.
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    that remind me of a postpartum remedy aptly dubbed a "crotchicle" wherein witch hazel is used.
  10. I'll bite.

    What's the punchline ?
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    Me? No punchline. It's basically a flow pad dipped in a witch hazel solution and frozen for pain relief after the huge stress of giving birth.
  12. Yep... birthing is soooo not as pretty and lovely as some seem to think. Still, Witch Hazel... great stuff in a pinch for a numer of uses... albeit the one you describe is probably my least favorite to contemplate. :wink:
  13. How hard did you wish that there was a punchline? :rofl:

    I remember learning about how to place a chest-tube... I also wondered what the punchline was... turns out that's not funny either. "Just stick it through the intercostal space, HARD..." is NOT comforting.
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    birth is magnificently wonderful
  15. The prelude is magical, the aftermath spectacular, the process is really just a mess IMO.
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