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Why does M-theory fit so well and why is it not just arbitary?

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    why is reality described by 11 dimensions and strings? why is the most fundamental thing a string and not a very small gummybear-shaped thing? why does it fit so well?

    High-End math just appears to deduce more and more results from one set of axioms to the next set of statements. The developments seems so artificial and directed at arbitrary directions. If there is an advanced civilization elsewhere in the universe, I doubt they would have worked on the same problems that 21st century mathematicians seem to be working on.
    Why does it take such complicated math to describe reality that one such attempt requires Fields Medal caliber to come up with anything worthwhile? when i say complicated math i dont mean calc and differential equations but things like knot and gauge theory

    i am a layman, intentionally blunt and playing devils advocate. aggressive exchanges more more efficient & effective to learn
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