Fit Definition and 8 Discussions

Fit-fit or fir-fir (Ge'ez: ፍትፍት fitfit; ፍርፍር firfir), (Oromo: chechebsaa), is an Eritrean and Ethiopian food typically served as breakfast. Fit-fit is served by preparing sauce and shredding injera or kitcha into pieces and mixing the two. It is generally made with shredded flat bread, spiced clarified butter, and the hot spice berbere. There are two main varieties of fit-fit depending on the type of flatbread being used: the sourdough injera and the unleavened kitcha.

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  1. C

    I Akaike Information Criterion Vs Likelihood Ratio Test

    Hello, I want to understand the difference between both goodness-of-fit tests, I would be glad if you could help me: Akaike Information criterion is defined as: ## AIC_i = - 2log( L_i ) + 2K_i ## Where ##L_i## is the likelihood function defined for distribution model ##i## . ##K_i## is the...
  2. Jonas Hall

    I Conf.intervals for fitted parameters: divide by sqrt(n)?

    If you fit a parametrized model (i.e. y = a log(x + b) + c) to some data points the output is typically the optimized parameters (i.e. a, b, c) and the covariance matrix. The squares of the diagonal elements of this matrix are the standard errors of the optimized parameters. (i.e. sea, seb...
  3. Jakub

    Bi-exponential function fitting in Origin Lab SW

    I can't understand the exponential function fit for this set of data works well: ExpDec2 exponential function fit 0 3,04 10 2,77 20 2,52 30 2,27 40 2,09 50 1,92 60 1,75 70 1,62 80 1,51 90 1,43 100 1,36 110 1,29 120 1,24 130 1,19 140 1,14 150 1,09 160 1,05 170 1,02 180 0,99 190 0,97 200 0,95 210...
  4. kvothe18

    I Linear fitting in physics experiments with errors

    Hello! I have a question that maybe has to do more with Mathematics, but if you do experimental physics you find it quite often. Let's assume that we want to measure two quantities x and y that we know that they relate to each other linearly. So we have a set of data points xi and yi...
  5. M

    MATLAB Suggestions for a non-linear fit model in Matlab

    Good afternoon, I have a problem which I haven't solved yet, regarding a non-linear fit to a set of experimental data. I tried to solve it in Matlab, which I handle a little bit. I have a sensor, which has been designed to have 4 different filters in front of it. By making a sweep with the...
  6. R

    Chi-square goodness of fit cannot find expected values

    Homework Statement An article in Business Week reports profits and losses of firms by industry. A random sample of 100 firms is selected, and for each firm in the sample, we record whether the company made money or lost money, and whether or not the firm is a service company. The data are...
  7. S

    How to fit plane onto sampling data?

    For example I have the variables x, y and a probability distribution p(x,y). I want to approximate p(x,y) as a linear function, a plane in this case, at least somewhere in the domain. However I only have samples from the distribution. In case of big amount of data the it is easy to collect them...
  8. S

    How to fit given function to blurred data points?

    Are there any elaborated theory or method how to fit parameters of a function family to data given by probability distributions of data points instead of given coordinates of points precisely without error? I think this is a very general problem, I hope it is already solved. Important: I...