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Why doesn't PF have a social science and humanities section?

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    Just wondering. :smile:
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    We used to and it was not active enough. Feel free to start such topics in General Discussion.
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    ... without being contentious ....
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    Some members advise looking into stackexchange, but the topic arrangement might not be to your liking. Search through the site and decide yourself. Try especially an internet search for humanities and social science forums. Physicsforums seems to be dedicated to natural sciences, Mathematics, and some technology. Keep up a search for a while and if you find anything good, tell us here.
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    Sometimes I suspect that this entire forum is an experiment of social science. :wink:
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    Don't be surprised if social scientists are studying it :)
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    Would you believe alien social scientists? :eek:
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    You guys ... You're killing me. :radioactive:
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    I will!
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