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B Why don't humans orbit the earth?

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    Let's say a single human exits the atmosphere? Why doesn't he orbit the earth like the moon does? Why does he drift in space instead?
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    Your premise is incorrect because you are not specifying the initial conditions properly. What happens will depend on the speed an direction of how the person moves.
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    What makes you think he will "drift in space"? What does that even mean?
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    He doesn't drift in space. He falls back on earth. If he leaves a spaceship, he has all the orbital velocity the spaceship has, so he stays near the spaceship. It's the same thing as if you jump up and down in a train. You land on the place where you jumped off. If he leaves earth with the right velocity and angle, he could orbit earth.
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    Okay I was just thinking about this in the wrong way. I thought why does the moon orbit the earth? Why can't a human? I guess it depends on his velocity
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    A human can. Think about what happens on a space walk outside the ISS. The man and ISS are both in orbit around the earth (hopefully extremely similar orbits!).
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