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B Why is it called the 'Universe?'

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    I was having a discussion the other day with a close friend of mine and we started talking about the universe. Which eventually led me to the question as to why the universe is called well universe. Specifically, I wanted to know, why is there a uni - meaning one - at all? And, for the life of me I can't remember exactly why, but we came to reason that it was wrong to give it a numerical value at all. Anyway, I was wondering if you could tell me of why they named it the 'universe' specifically and not something else or if you could give me a link to something that might?
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    Do you think there's more than one?
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    I think there is a possibility of there being multiple realities but even so I'd still want to know why they called it 'uni'verse instead of say just the verse.
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    Well, I guess not everyone agrees with you. There are a lot of "multiverse" theories around now but I don't think any of them were around when the name was given.
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    I guess you can take uni (or one) to mean 1 or 100% - the totality of everything (including constituent multiverses) ... rather than 1 as the indivisible unit.

    That said - conceptually, 100% or 100/100 (everything) is not the same as 1 (the individisible unit) - even if they can't be differentiated arithmetically.
    But then, arithmetic is just a simple mathematical tool.
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    "Verse" truly comes from latin "versus", which means "towards".
    "towards the One".
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    any other language for the english word "universe" ?

    i rather prefer the word "cosmo" :)
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    well i think so bcoz any multiverse theory has not been proven yet nd besides wen d term was coined dere were no such theories ..nt a slightest idea of multiverse
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    Most 'multiverse' concepts are inherently undetectable in our universe by definition. On that basis, I consider them irrelevant from a scientific point of view.
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