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Why isn't giving cash on birthday considered a taboo?

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    Why is giving cash on birthday considered a taboo?

    People think that gifts have a sentimental value and on w/ the blah. Look, as sensitive as I am, I like cash the best so I can sum it up and buy what I actually want. But for some reason, if I tell all my friends to do that, I might be off the list of "normal people". I don't get it...btw, I don't want to know weather you think it is ok or not b/c I know you do. I have discussed it on yahoo answers. But the thing is, I wanna know is that why isn't it considered appropriate to demand cash or simply give it. B/c gifts are normally considered better.
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    I wasn't aware of that.
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    I am the same case, however the cash giving was started by caring, loving, etc. relatives, who wanted me to feel satisfied and to compensate for the hours of finding me presents. The difference is, that there's no one left to ask to give cash instead of presents. At least to try to convince someone to do that.
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