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Why isn't Landau credited as an author in Vol 4?

  1. Apr 14, 2015 #1
    I wasn't really sure where to post this, and while the answer might seem obvious (he simply didn't write it) it just seems odd. The title of the book is still Landau Lifshitz Course for Theoretical Physics, and its technically his series, but vol 4 (QED) is authored by Lifshitz, Pitaevskii and Berestetskii. Does anyone know why Landau failed to author a book in the middle of his own series?
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    A possible answer is that although the overall course was designed and produced by him, this part of it he delegated to others who he considered to be most expert in that particular area.
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    I never considered that, thanks
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    I think the answer is that by the time that volume was written, Landau had been in an auto accident that caused severe brain damage. He never really practiced physics again after the accident.
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    I considered that too; he died at some point, hence the exclusion from vol 9 and 10 which were published after his death. But he's included in vol 5-8 as well which is why I found it odd
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    The various volumes were not necessarily written in sequence.
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    For some reason that never occurred to me; I just checked and it was published after his death
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