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B Why isn't water on the ISS dangerous?

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    Obviously, just about anywhere you go in the ISS, the walls are lined with electronics. Potentially a silly question, but why don't the astronauts need to be more careful when they handle water, considering that it could short circuit the electrical systems?

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    hi there
    in future, please don't use the stargazing tag for non stargazing topics :smile:

    yes, they are very careful for that reason

    did you notice, in the video, how most of the water stayed with the cloth and the astronauts hands ?

    very little escaped
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    Sorry, I wasn't sure if this counted as beginner since it's not about an actual astrophysical concept.

    So if only a little bit flies off, there isn't a risk of it short circuiting anything? Could the highly pure nature of the water also help this?

    For example, the numerous (but all tiny) droplets from this do not pose any risk?
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    Because of their size they might be quickly trapped by the venting system wich is running non-stop.
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