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B Why Negative Hydrogen/Deuterium Ion Generators?

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    Auto-Search gives me some hints.

    I did a Google for "Hydrogen Ion Generator" and got a load of hits about "Negative Hydrogen Ion Generators". They almost seem to be 'fusion specific'. Are they used because the required end result is a neutral beam of Hydrogen/Deuterium for injection into the fusion chamber and the negative ions can be accelerated with the extra electron being easily stripped off before injection?
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    Negative ion sources are also used with accelerators.

    One author puts it: "The electron captured in the negative ion has a very low binding energy called affinity of Ea = 0.75 eV. Ion can easily lose the electron and become neutral, and this is a reason why a high neutralisation efficiency can be achieved with negative ions."
    Ref: http://mafija.fmf.uni-lj.si/seminar/files/2004_2005/NBI1.pdf

    Some discussion in the following papers:
    FermiLab - Negative Hydrogen Ion Sources for Accelerators
    IAEA - Ion Sources

    One can also search on "neutral beam injection".
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