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News Why Obama administration does that ?

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    Re: Why Obama administration does that !?

    Probably because of the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act of 1976.
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    Re: Why Obama administration does that !?

    In my opinion Obama administration do that because of the oil and the money. We hope the oil in Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and Emirates run out quickly , when this happen the world will become more peace without terrorism or torture. The truth that many know is that the religious education system in Saudi Arabia is one of the reasons terrorism , and the money of the oil of Saudi Arabia was used for financing terrorism.

    this video for one of the princes ( dictators ) that America support.
    ( The video contains painful scenes )

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    Re: Why Obama administration does that !?

    There is another element to the terrorism. Forty years ago Saudi Arabia only had a few million people and the oil money went a long way. Now they have about 30 million people with almost 40% of the population under 40 (see: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/SA.html) and the oil money doesn't go nearly as far. You take rich people and make them poor and they get angry. It is that anger that fuels the terrorism in my opinion.
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    Re: Why Obama administration does that !?

    Oil is so convenient, isn't it? It means we never actually have to think -- we can just blame anything we don't like on oil.

    Really? You do realize scarcity of vital resources is historically one of the biggest motivating factors for war, right?

    Though I suppose it won't initially be so bad -- after all, aren't there are some pretty major Western oil deposits that can be tapped if the Middle Eastern ones run dry. Of course, do you think the Islamist* radicals would let peace happen if it meant that the Middle East was dependant on the West for oil?

    *: Islamist being the adjective describing someone who follows Islamism. (As opposed to Islamic, which refers to any follower of Islam)
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