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Why on earth have you locked my discussion about free will?

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    I posted it in the General Discussion section, where you have threads about the Rio Olympics and "Lame Jokes", but we cant discuss free will, even though scientist like LIbet worked on it.

    Why have a General Discussion section if you won't allow general discussion, unless its about jokes and the Olympics?
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    That's exactly what general discussion is for.
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    Yes, at least we can discuss the important stuff, not small issues like like a system that imprisons people to life or sentences them to the electric chair.
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    Sure, let's go by your proposal and release all dangerous criminals. I don't see what needs to be discussed, it's just a stupid idea.
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    Thread locked for moderation.
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    It was locked because we do not allow philosophical discussions and that was explained to you by the mentor that closed your thread. You should try reading the rules before you post so that you know what is allowed and aren't surprised. The rules are there for your benefit.
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