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Why our brain doesn't let us see into future in dreams or waking state?

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    I have suffered from poor sleep due to anxiety and have had bad dreams. I began to research on sleeping problems and i came across a thread in a forum where someone wrote that altered mind states can occur as a result of anxiety stress and this lets the brain do things such as see or have visions of the future. This scared me as I had bad dreams and began to think what if these are from the future?

    I come on this forum as I have read more sane discussions which put my mind at ease saying that it is not possible to see the future due to the arrow of time going in one way, but i got scared because of what i read saying that those with anxiety use more of the brain and therefore end up having these phenomenons of seeing future etc.

    I really hope you guys can assure me that it is me being irrational with this thinking that i can see future or dream events in the future due to my brain and anxiety etc?

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    You are right, thats why im anxious. I believe it isnt possible to see the future like that, and I came here to be assured of that i.e. the brain and what it can and cant do. I became anxious when some people said that we can see or peak into the future etc.
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    Be careful trusting what you read on the internet. There's a lot of garbage out there.
    Maybe an MD could offer you some suggestions for getting your anxiety and sleep problems under control.

    p.s. This isn't a topic for philosophy.
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