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Why do we feel emotions while dreaming?

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    Why do we dream?, has caught my attention. When I read a book, four things can happen. I can read out loud and then stop talking and hear myself keep on reading, remembering all that I read. (Conscious mind) The second is to read for several lines or pages or minutes or hours and not remember what I read. (Unconscious mind) The third is to read with my conscious mind and be dreaming with my unconscious mind. The fourth is to be dreaming with my unconscious mind while reading and analyzing with my conscious mind. This has been verified by others who have the same experience, therefore there is two selves, inside of every one I. When I sleep and when I am awake I perceive both also, in both states of mind. When I have a lucid dream the conscious I, is always directing the show. When I drive a car after many years of experience my unconscious mind drives the car. How is it that anything exists? Which side is reality? Are dreams messages from ourselves to ourselves. Does dreaming make matter conscious or is matter already conscious? Do all things dream from atoms to humans? Do we dream to create self? Do we dream to create consciousness? Why do we remember almost nothing, feelings create emotions and emotions are all that we remember? If space time and energy describe the conscious mind then dreaming describes the unconscious mind. Maybe we are dreams capable of dreaming inside the great dream. If we are dreaming then the future also dictates what happens in the present. Dreaming is sort of like a great thought that is like a movie, if you run it backwards the future dictates the present and the present the past.
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    I never really thought about it much, I think it's still a very big mystery as to the question, but I thought I would add that usually whatever I do in the day that is new and I do a great deal of repetitously I dream about it later and that's a common experience, and the other weird thing is the longer people stay awake the more their mind seems to play tricks on them and a friend of mine use to stay up all night just so he could go to school and experience the joys and mysteries of sleep deprivation, what a weird one but everyone's got their thing I guess.
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    You hit on something important, what we do new everyday. There has to be a logical reason for evertyhing that is a real experience. Dreams are for real and we can all say that at least once we have remembered our dreams. We can also say that we have remembered dreams with emotions, sometimes very strong, sometimes very vivid. We can also say that of the few dreams that each person has remembered they have something do with personal experience whether of not they are able to interprete them that way. We can also say that from birth to death we dream. We can also confirm that we all evolve our personalities from birth to death. Could our ID while dreaming emotions be an interpretation or recording device to wake and make our EGO the next day. We all recognize that imput from our 5 senses effect us dailey in ourconscious interpretation of the world we live in. If this is true it is important that what we do and how we act and react is a contributing factor to mankinds evolution. We are as individuals directly responsible for the movements and cycles that human behavior moves. Morality and ethics should be the guidline or we will end up in caos and destruction.
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    when I sleep well I have no dreams. dreams I think are us remembering our unsatisfied desires in our day but related to our life. Our desires to be what our ego exspects out of us. What our father and mothers had told us and had exspected out of us. For the same reason their mother and fathers had exspected the same out of them. What we strive for in the given day is due to how our enviorment is and was. If your a truthfully satified desire free man I believe you will have no dreams you could remember. possibly visions though.
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    If you wake during REM you will remember your dreams even if you sleep well.

    I would agree but is there such a man?
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