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Why sub-classical physics and quantum physics

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    Why sub-classical physics and quantum physics, can not be unity between the two up?
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    What do you mean by "sub-classical"?
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    Sorry, I am a Chinese, English is not so good. I mean about the classical physics "and" quantum physics ", why should distinguish respectively
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    With classical physics you cant compute and examine the physics of the too small, at the level of atoms and sub-atomic particles. Classical physics is basically a very good approximation of how the macroscopic worls behaves, but when you examine the microscopic everything is so more complex and sometimes counter-intuitive. Its possible to use quantum physics to calculate macroscopic behavior, but it would imply too many calculations.
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    Actually, classical physics are special case of quantum mechanics for big masses, big objects and trajectories. In macroscopic world quantum effects are neglectible.
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    I see, thank you
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