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Why the roots of Eq. x^2 + a*x + b = 0 and of Eq. x + a*Sqrt[x] + b =

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    Why the roots of Eq. x^2 + a*x + b = 0 and of Eq. x + a*Sqrt[x] + b = 0 are not identically? How can I expand the second Eq. in simple fractions: x + a*Sqrt[x] + b = ... ?
    Thank you. Lucas
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    Re: Roots

    Why would they be identical? They are different equations, so I see no reason why they should be identical.

    What do you mean with "simple fractions"??

    Do you mean that you want to factor it? Well, first you need to find the roots, you can do that by substituting [itex]y=\sqrt{x}[/itex].
    Once you found the roots [itex]\xi_1,\xi_2[/itex], then we can factor

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    Re: Roots

    I'm no mathmetician, but seems like you don't really need a number, just a variable. Look up the imaginary number i. Wish I was more educated.
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