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Why would a 2 year college put on their website that engineering students may not

  1. Nov 15, 2009 #1
    It says on the engineering page at the 2 year college that, students who are studying engineering may not be best served by studying at that particular school, anyone have any idea why that might be
    It's on the counseling link where you can click on whichever career you want to prepare to study for, or to get a 2 year degree in. And this information is on the link for engineering.
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    Well, that's refreshingly honest of them. They might have a bad track record of getting their students into 4-year engineering programs, or they might not offer introductory physics and math classes at a high enough level to sufficiently prepare you for an engineering program. Or it's possible the person who put that there thinks engineers shouldn't be starting at community college at all.
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    Wow, truth in advertising, for a change.

    Two-year colleges vary drastically in quality.

    Perhaps this particular college has had feedback from its students (or maybe even from 4-year universities). They know they are not producing students capable of being successful in engineering programs. They also know they can't afford fix the problem (many colleges are facing funding cuts in this economy), so they simply discourage students from enrolling, rather than misleading them. Sad, but refreshingly honest.

    I'm just speculating about this, of course...based on the information in your post.

    Edit: eri beat me to the punch :smile:
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    It's possible that the 2 year school offers an engineering technology program, not an engineering "science" program that will transfer into a 4 year degree's requirements.
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