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Will dual SLI GTX 680 run any PC game on max settings @1920x1080?

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    Will two-way SLI GTX 680's (overclocked) run any PC game on max spec @1920x1080 with smooth framerates?

    I read that the new GPU benchmark is Metro The Last Light. No other PC title will test your hardware like that game..
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    Depends on the game. Maximum resolution is controlled by software. You can run a game programmed for 640x480 resolution at 1920x1080, but, it will not improve the resolution. Same thing for colors, if the game was programmed for 16 bit color, running it at 32 bit color will have no effect.
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    Yes, the software can upscale from 640x480 to 1920x1080, but that wasn't really his question. You can run pretty much any modern game at maximum settings at native 1080p with SLI 680's.
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    Currently, the #1 most hardware-intensive game is Metro 2033 and it's upcoming sequel "The Last Light".

    NO other PC game in existence will push your graphics hardware as hard as those games. So if you can max Metro, you are invincible as far as having enough graphics processing muscle.
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    Like a lot of modern games Metro 2033 was designed to be played at 30fps and dual gtx 680s won't quite do that at 1080p with all the eyecandy turned up. Watching video games played as stuttering slide shows doesn't interest me personally and a lot of gamers say if you can't get 50-60fps for significantly smoother action the game is not maxed out. Metro is, however, the single exception to the rule and dual gtx 680s will max out every other game on the market today on a standard 1080p screen.
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