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Will grad schools see what I take senior spring?

  1. Aug 31, 2015 #1
    This is just a quick question. I'm planning out my course schedule for next semester and my senior year (I'm an electrical engineering junior in the US), and I'm trying to work all of my important classes in before it's time to apply to graduate school. Let's say I want to do research in a certain field in graduate school, and that my department offers two courses in that field. I'm taking the first one right now, but let's assume I won't be able to take the second one until senior spring due to scheduling conflicts. When I apply to graduate schools, it'll be the fall, but they make their decisions during the spring semester. Grades aside, do grad schools look at what classes you're taking in your last semester as well when determining whether you're admitted or not? Because I'm not quite sure how it works--is it possible for them to know what I'm taking in the spring? I feel my admissions would have a better chance if they know I'm taking more courses in the chosen field.
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    Normally grad schools look at transcripts. They will not know what courses you take in the spring semester of your senior year unless you tell them. Of course, in that case not much consideration can be given to what you take because there will be no assessment of your performance (usually a grade) until the end of the spring semester which is after a grad school has made the decision to admit or not. So if you feel that it will help your case, do tell. It is better, though, if instead of sending an email, you call someone on the department's graduate studies committee and talk to him/her in person.
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    They will ask you for your final transcripts after they admit you.
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    Depending on when application due dates fall, you'll typically have already registered for your spring courses when you submit the applications. This should be indicated on your transcript. You'll typically send an updated transcript after fall grades have been posted, and your spring classes should definitely be listed on it by that point if they weren't previously.
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