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Medical Will highmagnetic field pull out nano magnetite particles from the brain?

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    Nano magnetite particles are found in the brain. They are associated with schizophrenia, parkinson's disease, aging and etc.

    Imagine that we are able to make a huge NMR machine and place a live human being in the bore to cause levitation. The diamagnetic particles will orient against the magnetic field and cause levitation. What will happen to the magnetite particles? How many tesla of magnetism will be required to pull it out of the brain?

    Is it possible to manipulate the diamagnetic particles with RF frequency to enhance the pull of magnetite particles?

    Physicists please explain and help the world.

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    Interesting reading. Thanks for posting the links.

    But I do not get the impression that magnetic forces are being used for anything here, just that they are looking at the magnetic nanoparticle properties in the brain tissue. You sure as heck aren't goint to levitate anybody, and I didn't see any mention of forces on the nanoparticles. Did I miss that in the first article?
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    Thanks for your reply. As you said they do not deal with the magnetic forces on nano particles. The first article confirms the presence of iron in the brain. The second article is interesting and dealing with high magnetic field. They have no relationship with my idea.

    The idea is my own. Just I want to know that is it scientifically posssible to remove the nano particles through high magnetic field.

    I am asking this question because of my life experience.

    I am posting a link for my articles in social publishing sites. {Please note that it is not a peer reviewed article or published journal article. It is my own idea.}

    << links deleted by berkeman >>

    Any one interested can help me to solve my idea.

    If you feel my question or links are inappropriate please write to me.
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    Sorry, the links you posted are not appropriate for the PF. As you say, they are not peer reviewed, and the second one especially proposed a personal theory.
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    It would be highly naive to think that the purpouse of these particles which are present in the brain is just to cause the conditions you mentioned. nature and evolution surely know why they are present and scientists have yet to find out what that purpouse is. exept from aging which probably has not very much to do with them and much more with other things, the conditions you mentioned happen to a very small percentage of people and therefore cannot be tied directly with their presence (their quantity is a different thing alltogeather). Their role might be in memory, electro-magnetic regulation of some kind (cells in the brain comunicate electrically). removing them without knowing their exact role might be worse, or maybe even cause paralisation, death or who knows what.
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