What is Nano: Definition and 60 Discussions

The iPod Nano (stylised and marketed as iPod nano) is a discontinued portable media player designed and formerly marketed by Apple Inc. The first generation model was introduced on September 7, 2005, as a replacement for the iPod Mini, using flash memory for storage. The iPod Nano went through several differing models, or generations, since its introduction. Apple discontinued the iPod Nano on July 27, 2017.

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  1. Estefani

    Synthesis of Fluorescents AuNCs

    Hi everyone, as a degree project to obtain a chemistry degree, i am developing the Synthesis of Fluorescent Gold Nanoclusters (AuNC). I have investigated the route to obtain nanoestructures of nanometric size less than five nanometers, reaction conditions, and so far i have managed to obtain a...
  2. DiveshAggarwal

    Help with depositing a Nano coating on a glass-like substrate please

    Can someone help me with the method for performing nano-coating on glass like substrate
  3. cybernetichero

    Are real nano wires like the ones in Larry Niven?

    Hi, this is my VERY FIRST post so if I've made a bundle of noob mistakes accept my pre-emptive mea culpa. I did read and like the rules. I have seen some stories in Phys.org about nano wires and I immediately thought of the nano wires in Larry Niven Known Space milieu which can cut right through...
  4. G

    DIY nano Hydro Power generator in a Jungle

    Hi I am usually living off grid in simple huts in remote locations in Asia. A few months per year (rainy season) I don't have enough sun to produce solar power. I need very little electricity. My 20w solar panel produces enough electricity for my needs (lighting + charging a few small gadgets)...
  5. Delta31415

    Programs Help clear up my confusion regarding AMO and NANO Majors

    I have a decent understanding of Nano and AMO physics, however when I started looking at colleges(applications started recently). I found out that the nano major is an interdisciplinary major or a specialization under either applied physics or electrical engineering. AMO is in some places its...
  6. S

    Effect of IR blocking nano coating atop solar reflectors....

    I'm needing to reflect additional solar into a greenhouse to increase plant beneficial PAR light (400-700nm) while restricting and minimizing excessive IR heat also building up inside, too. I'll be using 400 sq ft of flat plate reflectors (40'X10') at ground level horizontally positioned along...
  7. M

    I Yuri Milner Breakthrough Starshot - Nano Craft hitting Earth

    I've been doing some work with my classes around the Yuri Milner Breakthrough Starshot project to send a tiny nano craft of mass around a few grams to alpha centauri. The starchip would travel at 20% of the speed of light. I've had them calculating various properties of the ship including...
  8. N

    I Questions about nano spacecraft

    2 types of nano spacecraft are planned to travel to Alpha Centauri , 4.2 light years away. One powered by an Earthbound laser, another self powered. I have loads of questions about this but here are a few - The report I read talked about an average speed of 25% of light speed. However, it is...
  9. genxium

    Is there any screen of cellphone equipped with DLC coating?

    It's kind of strange to me that when reading topics like "components of cellphone screen", people often mention an outermost anti-reflecting coating which takes advantage of destructive interference. There're few mentions for using DLC-coating as a cellphone screen outermost coating but...
  10. P

    Why carbon is used in nano technology?

    Hello, I would like to know that why carbon is used in nano technology to build nano tubes and other? Is there any other metal which is used to construct the devices of nano technology?
  11. S

    Nano Fusion? Micro Fusion? Fusion Learning Source?

    When experimenting with fusion, why do we always go so big and make extremely expensive reactors that take years to create and even construct facilities for? I've seen some failed attempts at making fusion happen in carbon nanotubes, failing in the sense that the carbon nanotubes are just...
  12. amjad-sh

    Nano & Solid State Physics: Benefits, Comparisons, & Country Rankings

    Hello, In which way nano and solid state physics improve technology? where we use statistical physics more in nano physics or particle physics? where we use quantum mechanics more in nano physics or particle physics? which major is more enjoyable nano or particle physics? which major is more...
  13. L

    Future of Moore's Law, Physics, and Nano Devices

    Hi! The other day, I read about Moore's Law. To me it seems a miracle how one could predict in 1965 that the number of transistors would double every two years. However, there has to be an end to this exponential growth due to limits of nano technology, fabrication of semiconductors...
  14. M

    What is differential of Alloy and MMC?

    We can find differential of alloy and composite. MMC is came from 2 differential of metal, one from it aren't melting same as producing alloy. but there are might produce new reaction. ex: C with Fe, the name is carbon steel. the nano-composite just too, but the particle aren't big, and the size...
  15. G

    Molecules With Radio Emission Under Current

    I am working on a project, however I am having trouble finding the right material for it to work. I am looking for a nano-material or any molecule that will emit a radio frequency when subjected to a voltage or a current at around 37 degrees Celsius. I would really appreciate it if someone could...
  16. s@Ed-biophysics

    Help with Understanding DNA Nano Wire

    Hi there Is there anyone to help me about a definition of "DNA nano wire"?!
  17. H

    PhD in Semiconductor Nano Devices after undergrad in Computer Engineer

    I am getting an opportunity to do PhD in semiconductor devices. The professor is quite active in the field and publishing good research. I have no background in solid state physics. How difficult it could be with a computer science background? Also where should I start once enrolled in a...
  18. V

    Synthesis of Nano Cu particles-Problem solving

    Dear all, I am preparing nano Cu particle by reaction of CuCl2 with NaBH4 in PVP solution. CuCl2 and PVP were mixed ultrasonically in pure water. Before dropping NaBH4 solution, the water was bubbled by N2 to remove O2. After dropping NaBH4, the solution turns into gold color. This means that...
  19. T

    Best route to go for Nano Technology (but still be able to get a job?)

    I want to go into nanotechnology but also keep my options open for employment purposes when I graduate. At the moment I'm Chemistry & Material Science double major and I thought that'd be a good combo however at the moment I'm thinking, would MatSci for a B.S be oddly too specific for a B.S...
  20. O

    Confused about Math Conversion: Nano and Micro

    hello i need some help and am confuse about it now.. after calculating the math.. 1.67531519 x 10 power of negative 8.. if i change to nano it is 16nf? 1.515761363 x 10 power of negative 10, if i change to nano is 15nf? what about changing to miro? confuse with the 10 power of...
  21. M

    Fundamental Frequency of a nano scale oscillator (graphene)

    Hi everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I've just begun a phd which involves nanoribbons (a small strip of a 2D material connected at either end to a larger 'bulk' section of the same 2D material). A question has occurred to me. These nanoribbons look a lot like a piece of string...
  22. D

    Solving Nano Tio2 in Water: Challenges and Solutions

    Hi every one . I am trying to make nanocomposite and I need to solve nano Tio2 in water many paper said that it will dissolve in water but I could not . I don not know what is the problem :cry:
  23. ajayguhan

    Why Nano Particles Increase Certain Properties: Exploring the Reasons

    I know what is lattice constant but it has been given that nano particles have reduced lattice constant due to huge fraction of atoms being in surface. How come the lattice constant of nano particles reduced due to high number of atoms present in surface? Why do the surface area, hardness...
  24. A

    Difference between nano physics and nanotechnology

    Hi, I am preparing for a project based on nano physics, and I am just 'beginner'. While preparing I just could not make out the difference between nano physics and nanotechnology. Can somebody help me? Thank you very much.
  25. M

    Is the Mini Mona Lisa the smallest version of the famous painting yet?

  26. P

    Q about current article: On-demand Hydrogen Generation : ACS Nano Letters

    Here is the abstract: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/nl304680w I would need to pay the $35 so I have not read the full text. Question: it says "...without Light, Heat, or Electricity." Where is the energy required to split the water molecules coming from? Jeff
  27. P

    Engineering From Nano Engineering to Math/CS: Making the Switch and Finding My Passion

    Hey guys, I'm stuck in a rut. I'm currently in an engineering program--Nanotechnology, it's mostly focused on materials, chemistry, and electrical. In upper years there is an option to specialize in biology which is the original reason I wanted to attend this program. That specialization is...
  28. L

    Troubleshooting a Faulty iPod Nano Purchased on eBay

    I bought an ipod nano on ebay and the headphone jack is messed up. When I first got it, I was testing it, but it eventually wouldn't come back on, so I assumed it needed charging. I plugged it into the adapter on my computer that plugs into the ipod's headphone jack to charge it. I noticed it...
  29. N

    How many atoms per meter are there in a carbon nano tube?

    I'm interested in the theoretical minimum number, so like the extruded buckyball ball? I'm trying to work out if there are enough carbon atoms in a 'piece of paper' to reach the moon. :) Which brings me to the next question : how many carbon atoms are there in a piece of paper? Or...
  30. H

    Wave function matching in Graphene nano ribbob?

    Hi, I'm reading a paper (please find it here arXiv 1003.2193v1) on zigzag Graphene nanoribbon (ZGNR). It discusses the electron transmission through a p-n interface. The wave function matching method was employed to calculate the transmission. What I don't understand is as follows: In...
  31. K

    Understanding Nanotechnology: Nanoblades & Nanosprings

    Nano-----, what means? What is a nanoblade? And a nanospring? I am not an expert about nanotechnology but I would like to understand something more. Thanks in advance.
  32. S

    What is nano? how to obtain nano material ?

    what is nano? how to obtain nano material ?
  33. I

    Superconductors or Nano Tech

    I am a freshman at Wright State University in Ohio. I am trying to decide where to eventually place my focus at. I understand it is early but I am one of those people who puts in 20 hours of "fun" study time on the side while still doing my college work. To me Superconductors, Genetic...
  34. M

    Nano Engineering for Next-Gen Drug Development

    is there any new technology use NANO engineering to create new generation of drugs ?
  35. K

    Why Do Nanoparticles Use Metals Like Gold & Silver?

    Fairly straightforward question: Why are nanoparticles generally made using metal, that too generally using gold, silver etc?
  36. K

    Road to becoming a Nano Researcher

    As I see it, there are two primary branches I can take to study and have a career in nanotechnology. There is the nanoengineering degree and the physics and mathematics degree. There are many merits on both sides namely: Nanoengineering: More employable without need of PhD Lack of of...
  37. Topher925

    Is nano metal plating commercially available yet?

    Not to long ago there was a lot of hubbub about nano plating and the low costs that comes with it. I was curious if anyone knows whether or not nano plating is commercially available yet or if its still in the research phase? I've got a lot of applications for gold and silver plating and would...
  38. GRB 080319B

    Nano- Vs. Bio-, Technology Vs. Engineering

    I have two questions: 1.) I am interested in nanoscience, specifically in the future development of nanobots and nanofactories. However, from what I've gathered from researching the field, this technology is apparently far off. Nanotechnology at the present seems to be focused on designing...
  39. C

    Properties of nano materials

    Is the only way to find a material's or compound's behavior at the nano scale through experiment or can we deduce its characteristics through some other way or theories?
  40. M

    Medical Will highmagnetic field pull out nano magnetite particles from the brain?

    Nano magnetite particles are found in the brain. They are associated with schizophrenia, parkinson's disease, aging and etc. Imagine that we are able to make a huge NMR machine and place a live human being in the bore to cause levitation. The diamagnetic particles will orient against the...
  41. T

    Carbon Nano Tubes- Ballistic Conductors

    Hey guys, I'm researching single walled carbon nanotubes and I am trying to find out how much approx. Resistance there is in a pile of ~50nm long metallic SWCNT's piled on top of each other to form a line (think laying gunpowder for a fuse...). I'm perplexed because SWCNT's at the proper size...
  42. T

    Specific SW Carbon Nano Tube properties and databases

    Hi, I am doing a research project involving short single walled carbon nano tubes. Has research been done on the material properties of short SWCNT's that have been thermally bonded together? This is theoretically done by taking a few SWCNT's with each one overlapping the other (easiest...
  43. S

    The meaning of temperature in nano particles

    Hi, I always had the idea that temperature is a thermodynamical property which means that the statical number of particles are important in measuring the relative temperature of the system. But, what happens when it comes to nano particles in which we have low numbers of atoms. How...
  44. J

    Nano laser is a key component necessary for practical application

    Apparently the nano laser is a key component necessary for practical application of optical computers. "Conventional lasers are limited in how small they can be made because this feedback component for photons, called an optical resonator, must be at least half the size of the wavelength of...
  45. L

    Nano technology - anti slip

    I slipped on ice and broke my wrist. Given our collective knowledge of the physics of slipping, isn't it possible that nano techology exists that allows us to add a non-slip substance to the soles of boots and shoes? Lev
  46. K

    Nano technology - something for the future or just a hype?

    Is it wise to go for an education in nano technology, or is it just a big hype? Nano technology is often divided into bio nanotechnology, nano electronics and nano material technology. Which one would you go for?
  47. F

    Carbon Nano Tubes is like asbest? the future of nano?

    You've probably heard about the isolating material asbest which was used a lot around the turn of the 1900's. It got these long fibers that pierces the cell and accelerates rapid cell growth. This cell growth more than often gives the recipient cancer in the lung. In the recent issue of...
  48. A

    Building a Magnetic Damper with Nano Tech

    Can we build a Magnetic damper ( for magnets ) with nano thec or any tech ?
  49. A

    Electrical applications for nano particles

    Hi there, I'm working on a mini research about electrical applications for nano particles, since no books are available on this (in my city). I tried the net but I was confused of the much information about nanotechnology. If anyone can find a link for an article (for free:blushing:) or any...