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Will I be able to take classes that aren't part of my major?

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    I am signed up to be a ME major at the University of Kentucky but I've always loved physics, especially quantum physics. Am I going to be able to take some advanced physics classes without majoring in physics? I know there is a lot of physics in ME but not the kind I want to take. Is a double major in ME and physics do-able? Or would that be too much?

    And I had planned on majoring in physics since 6th or 7th grade but it was only this year that I finally asked myself the all important question: "What in the world would I do with a degree in physics?". That's when I switched to ME.

    It's a tug-of-war between being realistic and doing what I enjoy. I'm sure I would enjoy ME (I want to work on spacecraft) but I've always had a thing for physics.
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    Dr Transport

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    It all depends on your department. I wouldn't see any reason why you could not take a course or two in the physics department as an elective course which is not required for your major.
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    It depends on how you structure your time. We have an EE major taking the physics E&M series for fun right now, and I just took an EE class last quarter even though I'm a physics major.

    I know that some places basically set your schedule for you for your last 2 or 3 years because the course load is so huge that you can't take any other classes or take them out of sequence.

    But in general, you should be able to take physics for fun.
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    The problem, of course, is the prerequisites. The "advanced" courses might well have prerequisites you have not taken and/or cannot fit into your schedule.
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    Yes. As an EE major, it was relatively easy for me to take physics classes on the side because I had more or less satisfied the prerequisites through my own major. It may be more difficult for you as an ME.
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