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Will we be eating CRISPy food in the future

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    For (probably) the first time ever, plants modified with the "genetic scissors" CRISPR-Cas9 has been cultivated, harvested and cooked. D professor in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology served pasta with "CRISPRy" vegetable fry to a radio reporter. Although the meal only fed two people, it was still the first step towards a future where science can better provide farmers and consumers across the world with healthy, beautiful and hardy plants.
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    A future that many people will fight hard to stop. A lot of them people with money interests in controlling their interests in the cultivar business, some just uneducated people who are being fed misinformation from the former group.

    But just like the tobacco companies eventually got shot down, I think one day we expect this technology to be widely available - just remember that it won't happen unless people fight for it.
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    I'm sure that some concerns surrounding it are valid. But, this could be an overall great thing for the world. We have been using GMO's for quite a while now and have gained success with it. I don't see this being much different, although it isn't technically (legally) a GMO. It could be safer really, as using CRISPR technology is more predictable and controllable. If only the masses would calm the paranoia surrounding it...
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