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Will you support this? If not, why not?

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    Here is what I have noticed from my experience.

    There is an unbelievably massive problem in the world. Blindness.

    Read this, what I think is part of the life experience of the unskilled:

    People who suffer from blindness are relegated to the superfluous.
    They struggle to really learn anything. Also these people can operate with next to no foresight which can cause various sets of crisis over one's lifetime... imagine being totally
    oblivious to the actual fact that one is inside crisis. Now imagine that an overwhelming proportion of the population is inside this category. Are you going to let
    this continue?

    Here, the answer I found to help solve this:


    What I noticed:
    After reading this you might notice that 35 researchers
    were working on this and the information was built up gradually. Imagine many more researchers devoted to this task. We would have a speed similar to the Human
    Genome Project which was completed in 15 years. Competition, due to Craig Venter helped there to speed up progress. Imagine setting up a similar race except with
    neuroscience. We could set these people free within their lifetime! Now these people can learn from experience and can face new problems by themselves.

    So if you are in any position of authority or are lucky enough to be listened to, shout and spread the word. Lobby people in power, people in science and help
    end this undeserved life experience for good.
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    I wish them luck, but I do not see how this applies to blindness (you should focus on eye research, not brain research).
    Their statements are overoptimistic and remind me of AI in the 1960s.
    Regardless, it is an amazing project.

    http://www.physicallyincorrect.com/" [Broken]
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    Thousands of people are going blind every day because of lack of nutrients in their food (exclusively white rice).
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    I'm talking about not being smart when I refer to blindness. My experience has been
    that you have to keep shouting people's ears for them to wake up...and then this
    struck me.
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    There are many reasons people lose their eyesight. The article you linked to doesn't even mention eyesight. I don't get what this crisis is you are referring to.

    Blind people can read and write (braille), play musical insturments. They are employed in many fields.

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    So you're not referring to blind people but to unintelligent people?

    You think this is something to do with increasing intelligence??
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    yes. Sorry I should have been clear.

    while it is not specifically mentioned in the article, it seems easy to think that this type of research can help with boosting intelligence.
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    Two of my (step) nieces and a nephew (siblings) are blind due to RP. It's hereditary. While I would like nothing more than to see them cured, brain analysis would be worthless to them. The problem is in the retinae, not the visual corteces or neurological pathways.
    Any other blind people that I've known became that way due to physical injury to the eyes themselves.
    I'm all for learning all that can be learned about the brain, but I seriously doubt that this project will have any significant impact upon blindness.
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    Thread closed.
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