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Wireless, microwaves and cancer: is there a link?

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    Hello from Australia,

    I'm extremely worried. I rarely use mobile but unfortunately I had no choice but use a prepaid wireless usb modem which uses the same technology of the mobiles here and I have been using it about 10 hours a day for the last 9 months so if WI-FI gives cancer, then I'm hopeless.

    I read many documents and given the fact that in the United States, where non-industry-funded studies are rare, where legislation protecting the wireless industry from legal challenges has long been in place, it's hard to be optimistic.

    [Mentor's note: deleted links to non-reputable sources.]
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    Please read our guidelines regarding Overly Speculative Posts:
    You may want to check the following website: http://www.fcc.gov/oet/rfsafety/rf-faqs.html
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    Honestly Ozzie! This is a joke isn't it? Pleeease?

    You know about logically proving negatives? That is one impossibility that quacks and creationists rely on more than anything else but flat illogic.

    OK, let's assume that we really can somehow magically get cancer from cm-radiation or greater wavelengths, right? Somewhere waaay down the stacked disproofs of maybe-maybes there is some scrap of truth that is but mad north-north-west: when the wind is southerly it can make a hawk from a handsaw. OK?

    What might that mean? Clear research has shown that you do not get measurably abnormal levels of cancer or autism or Alzheimer's or Parkinsonism from any level of radiofrequency or MW radiation insufficient to parboil you. But possibly if things are just right then some luckless blighter somewhere might have got a dose somewhere somehow, below the ability of epidemiological statistics to demonstrate it.

    But what they HAVE demonstrated is that practically all cancers, Alzheimers's etc are caused by, or at least correlated with OTHER stuff, right?

    So why not worry about the other stuff instead? You stand a better chance of getting cancer by sticking your nose into the Australian sunshine for ten minutes a day than by using a cellphone, satellite phone, or microwave oven day in day out! (Melanoma and all that!)

    You stand a better chance of getting cancer by NOT sticking your nose into the Australian sunshine for ten minutes a day! (Reasonable (NOT excessive) doses of Vitamin D seem to be protective!)

    You stand a better chance of cancer from having your belly bitten open by a Great White or a Salty(if you last long enough)! Or chundering too late after downing a Fossies!

    Why pick on RF or sub-RF radiation when you couldn't even prove what caused the cancer if it somehow miraculously might have given you a dose, but plenty of other things might more easily have done so?

    Why not worry rather about the evidence that worrying about cancer can cause cancer? That the cancer rate among googlers and doodlers is twice the rate among people that cellphone and soulphone?

    It is more fun than worrying about sex causing cancer.
    Here is a red-hot tip: tune into www.quackwatch.com
    It will tell you more than you wanted to know about cancer and radiation of all forms, and tell it simply and clearly, and the quacks hate, hate , HATE it! (If you don't believe me, check out their "cheers & jeers" column!)
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    Guys: I really need your attention but please spare ironic reply as I'm still worried and lately both my eyes and head hurt....especially my eyes.

    I came to this forum hoping to find EXPERTS in things I am NOT.

    Meanwhile, now it's from 2 years that I'm using a wireless dongle (10 hours everyday from more than 2 years at 50 cm from the dongle) and am very concerned lately about its possible effects.
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    I know that mobile and wireless devices do not release gamma rays but microwaves.

    My concern is about power density and EMR, not gamma rays.

    I have been unable to find what kind of SAR my USB wireless modem releases.

    I don't have an EMR meter, nor I want to buy one to do so.

    I found this video:

    Useful also this page, which I hope won't be removed as previous links (this is a reputable source from Department of Primary Industries, Victoria, Australia) especially this part:

    Table 30 – Common Household Emitters: RF EMF Power Density Measurements


    They list wireless modem but, unlike the other objects, it's not in the pictures so assuming it was not a 3G USB wireless modem, then in my case I need to look at the output values for the mobile, which is similar to be next to the microwave oven. :(

    So using it is like standing next to a microwave oven...but while you may stand near an oven just few seconds, I'm using it for hours every day! :(

    What do you think about it?

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    There is a lack of education on the subject and cover up by media, just like any big business where the money going around is too much.

    You don't need to stick it to your head to get long term side effects.

    Data from a 2002 study, where they measured the EMR emitted by cordless phone (same frequency of wireless and microwaves ovens) :


    The pdf can be found here:


    In the report, you can see how little is the value of EMR of the environment compared to what a cordless phone (or wireless or mobile phone for that matter) releases, at different distance and even at 3 metres, the amount is still well above anything mankind was previously exposed. The industry has been lobbied to decrease safety limits, as we know, all they care about is money, not your health. (if anyone doubts that, please watch movies such as Gasland or Food Inc., trailers are available on YouTube).

    Natural cosmic microwave radiation (MAES 2000) < 0.000001 μW/m2

    Cellular tower radiation – background level, 20. percentile (HAUMANN 2002) 15 μW/m2

    2.4 GHz cordless phone base station power density levels in the house:

    Office with phone 33,800 μW/m2
    Master bedroom 13,500 μW/m2
    Living room 140 μW/m2
    Outside 9 μW/m2

    All the big studies, including 'InterPhone' were not independent, but funded by the people behind the mobile companies, how can we rely on those studies?

    Don't they say better safe then sorry?
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    or about this one:

    http://books.google.com.au/books?id...#v=onepage&q=microwave bowel sidelobe&f=false

    An engineer replaced a woodpecker-damaged feed horn of a high-power microwave antenna, a 15-meter dish at an Earth station of a television network, using a cherry picker. After finishing, he sent his technician to power up the transmitter, and attempted to lower the cherry picker down. The engine failed and the engineer was stuck next to the antenna, outside of its main lobe but well within the first sidelobe. The technician, unaware that the engineer was still close to the antenna, powered it up. The engineer was exposed to an intense microwave field for about three minutes, until the error was realized. There were no immediate symptoms; the next morning the engineer detected blood and solid matter in his urine, and visited a doctor, who found blood in stool and massive bowel adhesions. The engineer's medical problems lasted for many years.
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