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Wonder if the top physicists get fanmail

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    OK, I was wondered about this. After I had read The Brief History of time, I thought I would be a good idea to write Sir Hawking an e-mail/letter/whatever. Than I realised, what an absurd idea that was. However, it makes me wonder if the top physicists get and fanmail.

    I didn't know where to put this question, it didn't seem right to put it to physics, so I put it here. Hopfully some physicist-star is going to look at this thread :).
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    Re: Fanmail

    You can certainly write to him, but due to his condition, you will likely receive a response from someone that responds to his fan letters.

    Many scientists/authors will respond to you directly. It depends on what you've said and their schedule.
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    Re: Fanmail

    Stephen Hawking hasn't been knighted, so his title is not "Sir".
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    Re: Fanmail

    He wouldn't make a very good knight now would he?

    Sorry, I had to ;) hahaha
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