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Work Environment of an Electrical Engineer

  1. Nov 5, 2013 #1
    One thing I always enjoyed about doing work is working with your hands and getting "dirty" so to say. I like putting in a hard day's work that has a physical aspect to it. But I also really like doing the math and thinking critically and solving hard and complex problems using a more mental and technical sense. I know electrical engineers definitely have the mental aspect because what they do is not easy and takes a lot of math and thinking, but would I really be working with my hands that much or really physically getting into my work? If so what are some examples of an electrical engineers getting "dirty", and if not, what types of engineers (or any science/technology/engineering/mathematics) job would add the physical aspect to their work along with the mental?
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    When you design, build, debug and support embedded systems, you do lots and lots of hands-on work. :smile:
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    I am a firmware engineer at a defense contractor. I spend half my day at my computer designing electronics. I spend the other half of the day in the lab debugging the electronics.

    some of my colleagues spend all day at the computer. some spend all day in the lab.
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