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Work experience application form?

  1. Jan 23, 2013 #1


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    I've got a form to fill in for work experience over the summer and just wanted to ask a couple of really stupid questions (I haven't really filled in any proper serious application forms before)

    The form is available online as a word doc so would it be ok to fill it out on screen and print it or will it look better being handwritten carefully?

    It says other interests (basical hobbies teams etc.) I play sport outside of school but not for a team or competitively would it be ok to put this down, although I already have stuff to fill in here.

    I've done work experience before in the same area and was wondering whether I should talk about it on the form or if that make it sound like oh this kid's already done stuff give it someone else?
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    If you can fill the fields at the computer, I would always do that. It is easier to read, independent of the quality of your handwriting. Your signature has to be hand-written, of course.

    I don't see how previous experience in the area could harm.
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    Don't even prinit it, if you can send it as an email attachment. But keep a copy yourself, of course!

    Assume that you might get asked questions about anything you put on an application form. (Your interviewer might play the same sport, even if it's not work related!). If you don't want to talk about it, leave it out. You don't get extra credit for over-filling the space provided with small print!

    Work experience is work experience. It shows you have some idea about what "working" is really like. That's a plus point, not a minus.
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    Thanks guys,

    Think I was having a bit of a stupid moment as when I looked at the forms again it already had a section for previous work experience (I had thought because it was a charity organising stem work experience for people it be a negative but it obviously wasn't).
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