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Wormholes and time travel - Problem

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    Under the general relativity principle, If you take a wormhole, put one end into a gravitational well, then take it out, there would be a time difference between the two openings of the wormhole.

    But, what effect would it have on the wormhole if you keep the middle area of it near a gravitational well?

    Technically speaking, only the openings would have the clocks attached to them, showing the time, but if the middle area of the wormhole is the area being slowed down, there should be an effect on the whole thing.
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    I'm not sure there is a middle.

    A wormhole goes from 'A' to 'C'. There is no 'B' to be in a gravity well.
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    What if there was? A wormhole can literally be anything, a tunnel, or just an opening.

    P.S. nice pun i like it :)
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    It has an entrance and an exit. The bridge is not a construct that exists in normal space such that it could be near a gravity well.
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    Hahah wow. That's no fun at all. So, what your saying is this,

    spacetime continuum = 4th dimension
    wormholes = 5th dimension?
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