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Time loops, black hole and time dilation.

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    I hope this is the right place for this questions, I started to think about this several years ago but had has a hard time finding anyone that's been interested in discussing this.

    As far as I understand time travel is not ruled out by modern physics at least if you limit yourself to go into the future. There are several sort of practical ideas about how this can be done most if not all involves warping space to create some sort of wormhole and exploit the effects of time dilation letting the ends of the wormhole drift in time relative to each other. However since this will create all sorts of problems and paradox one rather appealing idea is that since even the smallest drift in time will allow the wormhole to link all of future to the creation point of the wormhole. This can mean that all the energy and information from the future universe will fall into a very small area close to instantly. From the perspective of the wormhole it looks like someone suddenly pressed the reset button and it's big bang all over again. But from the outside perspective wouldn't time dilation be so extreme that the expansion of this new universe would be almost close to nothing so we would end up with a strange super duper massive black hole. I guess such a massive body would suddenly create a massive gravitational field in our universe but the matter falling in would at the event horizon meat an expanding wall getting smeared on the surface, perhaps at some point the mass around the event horizon would be enough to accelerate the expansion of the new universe. Or maybe the stuff hitting the event horizon is the stuff that will time loop to the center of the wormhole. This would be a rather elegant universe where energy is branched into time threads reusing itself sort of.

    However this is of course only my sci-fi idea but how would time dilation work if we had another big bang inside our universe? Would we see something like a black hole expanding or would it look static? What about inflation and time dilation if you have an outside observer? Any other ideas you might think of would also be fun to hear, if we where to write a hard sci-fi where sciences mater what would the result of the time machine be?

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    The 'big bang' is not something which occurred inside a pre-existing spacetime.
    So the proposal of something analogous occurring within our existing observable universe doesn't stand up as a reasonable analogy, even in sci fi.
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    I moved this from science fiction book and movie reviews, but this doesn't meet the guidelines for writing either.
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