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Courses Worried about my course choice maths or natsci

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    I'm starting the natural sciences course at Cambridge in 2 weeks time.
    The modules I'll study in the first year are maths, physics, materials and chemistry and I'll specialise in physics after that.

    I applied for theoretical physics for my other uni choices but had no problems picking Cambridge as well because I had heard that Cambridge's physical natural sciences course is the most mathematically rigorous science course in the UK (examples of the first year maths paper which physicists would sit are here: http://www.maths.cam.ac.uk/undergrad/nst-pastpapers/2011/PaperNST_IA_2.pdf [Broken] and http://www.maths.cam.ac.uk/undergrad/nst-pastpapers/2011/PaperNST_IA_1.pdf [Broken]). Can anyone tell me how they compare with 1st year theoretical physics papers elsewhere?

    The reason I'm asking this is because I've heard a few people who study maths at Cambridge saying that the best way to study theoretical physics at Cambridge is to sit the maths tripos and specialise in theoretical physics in part III. I'm now starting to wonder whether this is what I should've done.. I know I won't be able to switch to maths when I get there in 2 weeks time as I haven't sat the STEP exams which you have to take to get onto the course.

    Did I make a mistake? What should I do? Does anyone know if people who've studied physical natural sciences have much luck getting into part III maths at Cambridge, or if that is the best thing to aim to do?

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Does nobody have any experience of doing part III maths after a physics degree and if it's worth it?
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    Bump again :(
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    Many nat sci physicists take part three in mathematics. You won't be alone. I would say that is your best option at the moment, just focus on doing well in nat sci and you should get into part III
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    I hear if you join a frat you can study Natty Sci.
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