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Would a 3.6ish GPA average (maybe it will be higher when i end 12th

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    Would a 3.6ish GPA average (maybe it will be higher when i end 12th grade) be a great factor of NOT being accepted at MIT?
    Would a 1450+ score on (math + english) SAT cancel that out :| .
    Im just not very good in my english classes or any others where writing is required a lot. (I came to the US 4 years ago..and my creativity is not the greatest). Didnt do that good in some other minor classes either (a few B's).
    (Total of 3 B's for the main subjects, English and History.
    2 other for minor classes)

    Im a sophomore right now. All my final high school science and math grades have been A's. Im taking AP chem + physics hon. this year obtaining A's too.
    I'm currently taking Algebra 2..got to take pre-cal this summer.

    Being able to go to MIT is pretty much my ultimate goal, so im just hoping my possibilities are not THAT low.


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    If thats an unweighted GPA, it MIGHT be possible to get in, if thats weighted, then you'd pretty much need to have parents making a ten million dollar donation.

    1450 is not special at that level of competition. You would need 1550+, especially with a less than perfect GPA. You also need stellar extracurricular work.

    Most of the accepted applicants will have perfect 4.0s (unweighted), and many will have 1600s, and many will have done extensive higher level work.
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    I'm a junior in HS myself and have been researching places like MIT, CalTech, and Stanford. Its actually kind of discouraging... the applicant pool at these colleges is amazing, pretty much the top 10% of the top 10% in the nation. While there are always unique qualities every individual has, you must realize that your application will be side by side with many who have a GPA avg. easily of 4.0+, with SATs nearly perfect (or perfect). The fact that you've come here only 4 years ago (and your good SAT scores) could make up for your GPA though (I don't know by how much). Also, you're only a sophomore, try to take the hardest classes next year, and increase your ex-curriculars (clubs, pursue interests like math, etc.). Ex-curriculars is something I didn't care for and I know its gonna hurt me. Try to get some internships, or get some research done (30%+ applicants to CalTech have some kind of research done and THAT will really make up for your GPA).
    I would also try to encourage you to be a bit more realistic and consider places other than MIT (EVERYONE can't go there, although every one might want to :)) Just trying to help out a bit by sharing what I know. Personally, I want to go to CalTech A LOT, but I've come to acknowledge that NOT going there won't be an end all...
    Sorry if I didn't answer your question exactly, but I tried. All the best!
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    well that's my PSAT score im working on bringing that up, and my GPA obviusly is UW.
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    Well, hopefully my chances will increase over the next 2 years.
    Next year im going to this program my local community college (miami-dade community college) has. It's the "School for Advanced Studies".
    Seems pretty challenging (though i pretty much owned the test i had to pass to get in it) since all classes I'll be taking will be AP + college classes in the morning. I also got some ex.curricular activities offered my school. You know, science and math clubs and in fact my school is pretty good at the science and math competitions, always winning 3rd place and up ( or should I say down, hah).

    Anyway, thanks for the current replies,

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    http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/showthread.php?t=124207&page=1&pp=20 [Broken] self-reported stats for early decision...that forum has almost any major U.S. college you can think of....around the 3rd page start the deferrals(meaning you didn't get accepted and you get another review of your application in the regular process).
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    Math Is Hard

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    Thanks for that link! I have been looking for something like this so I can keep an eye out for UCLA transfer decisions!
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    I got into Yale in 1977 with a 1490 SAT and a 3.9+ GPA. Nowadays, in addition to scores, universities seek well balanced interests and personalities, as well as something personally outstanding (for me, the proof shown on my website, below). The ability to create research papers helps as well, and computer skills are necessary, needless to say.
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    Well it depends. Take my advice because I am in very similar situation as yourself. I came to U.S. 3 years ago, and went from ESL I to AP English IV in 2 years, also went from Algebra I to Calc in about 2 years. My GPA is something like 2.9 WEIGHTED and I still got into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign into their EE program, which is ranked 4th in the nation. My SAT score is 1310. So it is possible but it depends on the circumstances. I wrote a very nice college essay in which I explained the stuff that happened in my country and the war, and the persecution etc. I did exagarate some stuff, and I bet that that helped me a lot. I see you are in similar situation so BE SURE to mention the guerilla part and to center your college essay around it. Write a very powerful personal statement and try to use the fact that you came here only 4 years ago and already made an amazing progress. If you need help with that I would be glad to help you out. I also suggest you take TOEFL test which might add aditional weight to your SAT score, and make sure you ace it. Study for it, because trust me it is not as easy as you would expect it to be. Also join every extracuricular actrivity in your school, and I especially suggest you join the academic team. Become the President of some club, and do an insane amount of volunteer work. Take some summer courses at near community college and in your senior year take bunch of AP courses. Make sure you take AP Chem, AP Phys and Calc, and also if you English skills allow you AP English. The amount of AP courses in your senior year is very important and so do your best. Also in adition to the best of the best apply to some other colleges and then if you don't get in into the Ivy's you can transfer to them later. Apply everywhere, because there is nothing to lose, but those 60 bucks you pay for the application but if you get in it will change your life.
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    I did not see that the OP was not from the US. That may very well change things, depending on your exact circumstances.
  12. Mar 12, 2006 #11
    I'm Colombian, seems like you are Colombian too, right?

    And yeah, i'm prety much taking alll those courses in my junior year...except chemistry which im taking right now.
  13. Mar 12, 2006 #12

    No, I'm Serbian from Bosnia, where we had a nasty civil war. But still our situations are very similar. :smile:
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    Well you seem to be pretty bright guy, so just keep up the good work, and take as many AP courses as you can, because any university likes to see someone work hard. The fact that you came from Colombia and wl help you a lot.
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