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Grading in education is the attempt to apply standardized measurements of varying levels of achievement in a course. Grades can be assigned as letters (for example, A through F), as a range (for example, 1 to 6), as a percentage, or as a number out of a possible total (for example, out of 100).In some countries, grades are averaged to create a grade point average (GPA). GPA is calculated by using the number of grade points a student earns in a given period of time. GPAs are often calculated for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, and can be used by potential employers or educational institutions to assess and compare applicants. A cumulative grade point average (CGPA), sometimes referred to as just GPA, is a measure of a student's performance for all of his or her courses.

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  1. P

    Admissions Minimum GPA & GPA-Importance for Top PhD Programs

    I go to a good private undergraduate institute with a small physics program (~#50 per US News, but I am not sure whether that's reliable). I am in my 2nd year and my GPA is around 3.6 after messing up my sophomore year. I am doing better now but at most I will graduate with a GPA ~ 3.85 (with...
  2. J

    Admissions What REU's to apply to with a mediocre GPA?

    I'm currently a sophomore just about to finish my 3rd semester and I'm trying to apply for some internships over the summer to earn extra money/experience. After today it's looking like my submitted GPA will be a high 3.3 (3.4 if my last final goes very well) because I tanked my freshman fall...
  3. E

    Testing Is my PGRE score worth sending out?

    Just got my PGRE scores back, got a 910/990. I'm not really happy with my score since I thought that test went really well. Even while taking the practice tests every single question seemed doable. I'm wondering if its good enough for competitive schools. My GPA is 3.75, so I thought of taking...
  4. MustySponge

    Other What Makes a Strong PhD Applicant in Physics?

    Hello, I'm having a difficult time figuring out my chances of being accepted to PhD programs, and what tier schools to realistically apply too. My GPA is 3.47 and my only research experience is my senior thesis that was started this semester. I have also been a TA for two years and am the vice...
  5. E

    Admissions Applying for PhD despite very weak undergraduate GPA

    Hi everyone, I'll keep it short and to the point. Just as the title say, I'm looking for advice on my situation. I'm very passionate about physics and want nothing more than a career in academia. I went to NYU and graduated with a bachelor's in physics in 2019. Due to various health issues...
  6. PhysPaig

    Admissions Chances with a Low/mid GPA but high PGRE and research experience

    Hello, and thanks so much in advance for any advice. I’m currently a third year physics undergraduate student who’s looking for what programs I should apply to for my PhD. I’m not sure I should bother applying for anything top 20 but wanted to get a second opinion on my applications...
  7. robertya1027

    Studying Any tips for getting GPA over 3.7 in grad school?

    Grad school courses are hard, but how to maintain at least a 3.7 GPA? That's it, I'm sick of caring about GPA, and consider in grad school this is my last time doing tests, I want to let myself go a bit and not get a perfect GPA. I don't want more burnouts in grad school. I'd rather focus on...
  8. T

    Studying Help How do I raise my GPA? I have a full schedule with hard classes

    Considering I barely passed summer semester with embarassingly terrible grades (which was only 2 months long and exams are on campus and were binary multiple choice question meaning no partial grades so you either know it or you don't and there is no close in science) are as follows: Course...
  9. V

    Physics Transitioning to Physics after 10+ years in software, low gpa

    Hello everyone, I am from India.I completed my Bachelors in Engineering, ECE to specific from a very average Indian college in year 2006 with many backlogs and year gaps. Since then I have been working in the IT industry.I have a undergraduate percentage of 56%, using...
  10. R

    Admissions Applying for PhD with Low UG GPA and Gap Years

    Hey everyone, I'm currently in my master's program in India and have been thinking about applying to states for a phd. So my problem is that I really messed up in my undergrad (2.74/4.00) but I'm doing much better in my MSc (3.2 in 1st sem, will try to reach 3.5 in total). Also, apart from that...
  11. Ravenhaven

    Other Is Major GPA More Important Than Cumulative GPA for Graduate School Admissions?

    How much does having a lower total gpa hurt you in the graduate school application process? For example, my overall gpa is a 3.7 but I've been getting all A's in my math/physics classes so my major gpa is a 4.0
  12. P

    Admissions Grad schools acceptance with a low GPA

    Hello everyone, I currently have a 2.8 GPA after my sophomore year. I am working towards getting my BS in Physics with two minors, Computer Science and Mathematics. I know that my GPA is low to get into Grad school at this moment but I believe that I will be able to pull the GPA up to a 3.3 by...
  13. Z

    Engineering Senior mechanical engineering student With a 3.5 GPA but I really hate it

    Hello guys, Long story short i am a senior mechanical engineering student (graduating next year). But i do not like my major, at first i did not matter to me what i choose or what i study. i did not know what i like and mechanical engineering seemed a good option to me in terms of good job...
  14. Ellegal

    Schools Top School, Low GPA, Good CV -- Grad School for Theoretical Physics?

    Hey Everyone. So basically I'm having tonnes of anxiety about my future and would like a bit of a reality check on where I stand and what I will be able to achieve. I go to one of the best universities in the US for undergrad Physics, yet my GPA is on the lower side (3.1). This university was...
  15. J

    Schools What are my chances of getting into physics graduate school with a 3.00 GPA?

    Hello everyone! I graduated from UIUC with a 3.00 GPA in physics last year. (I managed to get this exact number) And my GPA of physics courses are not much higher than my overall GPA as well. I plan to apply for grad school this year and go to grad school next year. And currently I am working...
  16. R

    MHB Compute the grade point average (GPA)

    a student earned grades of A, C, A, A, and B. Those courses had these corresponding numbers. of credit hours:1,6,3,1,3. The grading system assigns quality points to letter grades as follows: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, and F=0. Compute the grade point average (GPA) and round the result to two decimal places
  17. T

    Admissions Masters application with a low GPA

    Hello! I just completed my honors from Bangladesh with a 2.90 gpa in Physics. I want to get a masters and if possible a PhD as well in Biomedical physics. Would it be possible for me to get accepted in any university in US with full funding if I manage to get a high GRE and TOEFL score?
  18. PrinceWalnut

    Admissions PhD Applications with a low GPA (due to depression in my junior year)

    Hi all, It's a few short months before grad school applications are due, and I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. Prior to my junior year, I knew what I wanted to do is physics research for my career, and I'm particularly interested in biological and condensed matter physics. My skills are more...
  19. F

    Admissions Grad Application: GPA low due to disability

    Hi everyone. I am looking for some advice on how to go about writing grad school applications next year. My freshman year (Fall 2011) I developed a brain disorder that, while untreated, dramatically reduced my cognitive ability. I took two years off of school starting in 2013 came back in 2015...
  20. Y

    Engineering Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering - GPA

    I'm pursuing a MSEE, I was wondering how much GPA matters, if it matters at all? Please be honest. I'm questioning it, because my credits towards my degree do not expire until they are six years old. Should I use the time from which I have enough credits to graduate and earn my degree to the...
  21. jlmccart03

    Other GPA is low, but I love physics, what should I do?

    The title says it all. I am a sophomore with a flailing GPA. It’s currently at 2.2 since I keep getting C’s in literally everything. I have gone to professors, advisors, and other academic officials in the hope they would help. All I got was the same old same old. Study harder, read the book...
  22. I

    Admissions Issues with undergrad GPA, Masters Applications

    Greetings All, So I've received my first round of rejections from schools, and I must admit I am a bit surprised. This is my second degree, with my first being in EE from 12 years ago. At that time I had pretty severe (and documentable) mental health issues, and this really held me back...
  23. P

    How Can I Pursue a Master's Degree in Physics with a 3.0 GPA in Canada?

    Hello, thank you for your time in reading this. I graduated in 2016 with a 3.0ish GPA in Physics and Math in Ontario. I have no research experience because I felt my GPA disqualified me from the right to approach professors for those positions. However, now that I have graduated and given both...
  24. O

    Admissions Help evaluating my physics grad application scores & GPA

    I'm doing my best to be realistic, but can't see the forest for the trees right now. Thoughts? Opinions? I'd appreciate it if anyone tried to answer my questions – many thanks in advance! Background Double major Physics & EE (with a couple minors) at nowhere special Physics GPA = 3.3 / EE...
  25. N

    Programs EE grad studies with low GPA, non-degree courses?

    Hello everyone, Last year, I graduated with an Electrical Engineering degree from a Canadian university with a horrible GPA of 2.62 (reasons why I got this gpa explained here) I have never forgotten about the dream of finally getting into graduate studies, mainly in the field of...
  26. deuce123

    Admissions Do Strong Grades in Major Courses Offset a Lower Overall GPA?

    Earlier on i wanted to become a realtor, with almost no interest in the sciences. After i took my first biology class, it changed my whole worldview. I became extremely interested within the sciences, and chose my major too be chemical engineering. My overall GPA is currently 3.15. Recently...
  27. J

    Programs How to recover GPA in order to apply to Master's programs?

    I'm an undergrad aspiring to be a candidate for a MS in Medical Physics. I came into freshman year as a physics major, did poor in my first physics class, and changed my major to business. After realizing that was a mistake after a year, I switched back to physics. My Major GPA is a 2.0 after 10...
  28. arnbobo

    Schools Will a B in Linear Algebra hurt my grad school chances?

    I had a pretty tough schedule this semester, so I'm getting my first B. I otherwise wouldn't be too sad, but I hear Linear is pretty important in upper-level physics and astronomy. So, will this hurt my chances of getting into grad school? I am (was? rising sophomore) only a first-year, and I do...
  29. A

    Courses Low GPA, Some Experience & Guidance?

    Hey all, So I just joined this forum, thinking it might be a good source of advice for something. I'm a Junior year Physics major at a decent state university school, and I have a GPA of 2.87. I had a few internships in High School and a summer/part time coding job for some planetary...
  30. L

    Admissions Low GPA, EE undergraduate major applying HEP PhD

    Hi Before closing, I apologize for too long passage calling for the advise. I thought I need to give the potential advisors as precise information as I can. I graduated from a university in South Korea with major in Electrical engineering and minor in physics. I decided to change my major to...
  31. N

    Schools Need Help: Calc, GPA, and Grad School.

    Hello everyone. I'm currently a sophomore working toward a BS in physics (and a minor in astronomy) at a top private engineering school. With the semester finishing up, I'm a little worried about where I am now and where I will be after graduation and I have a few questions. A little...
  32. Josep

    Courses Should I retake Real Analysis I?

    Hi all, I am currently in my first semester of my sophomore year, taking Real Analysis I. This class covers formal proofs, properties of the real line, sequences, series, limits, continuity and differentiation, and Riemann Integration. I apparently got stuck with the worst professor at my...
  33. V

    Other What GPA is this percentage equivalent to?

    I imagine there's no simple answer to this, but I'm wondering what tier graduate schools I would be applying to next year. I am in third year so I still have over a year before applications, but I'm curious. My overall grade is 90% at UBC. I'll have about a year and a half of research experience...
  34. O

    Admissions Strong GPA, Research, References--Bad GRE Score

    Here's my situation. I have a high GPA at a very well known university, three research internships (including an REU and SULI,) a senior thesis, a potential publication, and strong recommendation letters. My physics GRE score for the September test? 510. BEYOND terrible. I'm taking it again but...
  35. F

    Schools Community college GPA and Chem grad school?

    Hi, I just have a quick question regarding Chemistry grad school admissions. If a student attended community college before transferring to a UC to finish a BS in chemistry, would chemistry grad schools look at both GPA's when considering them for admission? Basically, would a GPA of around...
  36. A

    Schools Can I get into grad school with such a low GPA

    Hey, I'm an Electrical and Computer Engineering senior, studying at the American University of Beirut, one of the top schools in the region. I have recently realized that I really want to go to graduate school and study theoretical computer science, however, due to a general lack of motivation...
  37. B

    Other Does NSF care about GPA? (After 1 year in Grad)

    I'm already in grad school and I have my last shot at applying for the NSF. The first semester of my grad school was going great until a death in my family to someone I was very close to. I unraveled and my grades sunk. Just not that bad, like I overall passed my classes. However, I am sure it...
  38. F

    Programs CS masters program for low major GPA

    Hello, I'm currently going into my fourth year in UC Berkeley this fall, studying Computer Science. My cumulative GPA is 3.56, however, my upper division CS gpa is a 3.2. I haven't done research before but I'm currently looking to do research this upcoming fall. Do I have a shot at top...
  39. Emre Yucel

    Admissions How Does Undergraduate GPA Matter For PhD If You Have Master

    Hello Dear PhysicsForum members, I am mechanical engineering MSc student. My undergrad gpa is 2.68/4 and my master gpa is 3.79/4. I would like to apply for PhD in USA to modest universities (not top one)Do you think my master gpa will offset my undergraduate gpa if i get good scores from...
  40. Sirsh

    Other High GPA necessary for Industry? Or is more experience better?

    Hey all, Is it worth killing yourself to try achieve and maintain a high GPA 3.5-4.0 if you're most likely going to go into industry straight after undergrad? Or is it more valuable to seek out industry experience to get an edge over other candidates when you do go into industry? This is in...
  41. Etienne

    Schools Undergraduate GPA appx. 3.5 to Ivy League Grad School?

    *Edit I currently study Nanotechnology at UNAM's (National Autonomous University of Mexico) CNyN (Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. I have an 8.85 / 10.00, or roughly a 3.54 GPA (when calculated) but I see that for convenience, 3.5GPA is usually equivalent to a 9.00 / 10.00. * Is it...
  42. J

    Schools Major GPA vs cumulative GPA for grad school

    I want to apply to graduate school for physics but I'm worried that my cumulative GPA might be too low. My GPA within the physics major is 4.0, but my cumulative GPA is 3.1. I started college in electrical engineering but wasn't happy in the major, and my grades were not very good. I have...
  43. T

    Admissions How much to top physics grad programs care about gpa

    Pretty broad question, but to be more specific, in my case I'm currently in my 2nd year of undergrad going for physics and electrical engineering at ucsb. I didnt perform too well up until now with a cumulative of 3.2, so if i were to raise my gpa up to around 3.5-3.6 by the time i graduate what...
  44. S

    Programs What are my options with a 2.54 physics major GPA?

    HI, So I am graduating this Spring 2016 with an overall gpa of 2.91 and a major physics gpa of 2.54. I have talk with some of my physics professors about the possibilities of going to grad school, and they told me that it is up to me if I feel prepared, but based on my physics upper division...
  45. N

    EE Grad studies - Canada with low gpa

    Hello everyone, I need your advice here. I am in my last term in EE in a fairly reputable school in Canada (or so they say). Due to a variety of factors, my gpa is pretty embarrassing (I am looking forward to graduate with a 2.6x gpa) I understand this is well below the 3.0 line for grad...
  46. R

    REU applications with INC grade?

    I'm a sophomore physics major and I've been filling out some REU applications, but I have an INC (incomplete) grade from last semester because I couldn't take a final due to medical reasons. The class was completely fine and I likely have an A-/B+, but I have to wait to take next semester's...
  47. D

    Bad Gpa- Worked really hard this semester

    Hi guys, I feel like a failure and I am miserable. I got two/five grades back. For physics lab, I got a C- and for thermodynamics I got a C. I worked really hard this semester, but I have failed. I put everything aside for studies, yet I am in misery. My aim is to get into graduate school, the...
  48. X

    Programs What is Major GPA? Physics Major Guidance

    I was a physics major. So when the graduate schools asked for my Major GPA I averaged up the GPA for all of my physics classes, but only my physics classes. Is this acceptable?
  49. Dayman

    What are my Phd prospects if I graduate with a 3.3gpa

    If I graduate with a 3.3 gpa with a markedly better GPA in my last 2 years(3.5<) and suppose a great GRE score(optimistic/naive) what am I looking at when it comes to grad school admissions?(do I even stand a chance?) I'm a ambitious Junior Physics/Econ dual degree/major who let freshman year...
  50. B

    Testing Best physics school i can get into with my current GPA/SAT score

    I currently have a GPA of 3.3 and my sat scores are 680-math, 610-reading, 560-writing. I'm pretty set on going for physics undergrad and going straight to grad school for my PHD but I'm open to suggestions. Any college that isn't really really far away from Pennsylvania but I'm definitely open...