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Would-be Astrophysicist would like some help

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    I'm a 14 year old high school freshman who's looking for a career in astrophysics. The basic questions I'd like answered are:

    * What are some universities close to Virginia that offer programs in Astrophysics?
    * Are there any scholarships I can look into for financial help?
    * What sort of classes should I have completed by the end of high school to look my best for universities?
    * Are there any opportunities during the summer for physics related programs in the Virginia area that are relatively affordable? (e.g. no more than $500-$750)

    Basic Info:

    * I am currently taking Honors Algebra 2/Trig with plans to finish Calculus and Computer Math
    * I am currently taking Gifted Earth Science with plans to finish AP Physics
    * I am currently taking German 1 with plans to finish up through German 4, and French and Latin 2
    * I am currently taking Honors World History 1 with plans to finish AP World History, AP US History, and AP Government
    * Also, I will try to get into The Governor's School for Science & Technology in the Programming Strand, which will give me 17-24 college credit for Thomas Nelson Community College or Christopher Newport University if completed successfully.

    Thanks, and any and all help would be appreciated!
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    At 14 you should just concentrate on high school. Take the subjects you're interested in and do as well as you can in them. Scholarships (academic ones anyway) are usually based on your high school grades. To know what courses to take, you should visit the websites of universities that you're interested in and look at the prerequisites for each program of study. If you're interested in physics, take all the science and math courses that you can take.

    That beind said, I've never really been in favour of "advanced placement" type courses or receiving university credit for work done while in high school because ultimately, you're still taking a high school course taught by a high school teacher rather than a university professor.

    Your interests will very likely change.
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    Thank you for your input. :)

    From what I've been told from my conselours, the AP courses in my school system are taught by certified professionals, most of which have taught a university course(s).
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