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Would I be able to get into grad school for EE with a bachelors in physics

  1. Jul 21, 2012 #1
    I'm a sophomore in college. I have just finished all my general education requirements and have been thinking about double majoring in physics and EE but I would much rather focus on just physics for the time being. I would still like to be able to pursue EE after I earn a bachelors in physics. Could I go to grad school for EE with a bachelors in physics? or would I have to go back and earn a second bachelors?
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    I know of at least a few grad students in the EE department at my school who only did Physics undergrads. The advantage for you is that EE is a very broad subject area, and even though you haven't learned a lot of the things EE majors learn (like circuit design beyond a very basic level), you can probably find a couple areas of research that you're well qualified for. If you enjoyed/did well in your computational physics classes and are somewhat proficient with a programming language like C/C++ (in the context of using it for calculations), that will probably help quite a bit.

    I'd say you've got a pretty good shot at getting in to some form of EE grad school, your options will probably just be more limited than an EE major's.
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    I friend of mine did her bachelors in math with a minor in physics and now she's doing her masters in EE, she just needs to take foundation courses like signals, circuits, and electronics to catch up.
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    At my school, you can do a double grad getting a Ph.D in Physics with a MS in EE with only a BS in Physics. I'm sure many have done it all over the country.
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