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A bachelor is a man who is not and has never been married.

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  1. I

    Programs Physics Bachelors in Europe taught in English

    I am looking for bachelors of physics in Europe taught in english, excluding UK and Ireland. This question was posted here: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/physics-bachelors-in-europe-taught-in-english.686730/ but got no answers.
  2. H

    Starting a bachelors degree at 23 (should I be worried?)

    so guys, I had to drop out of college due to financial problems and could could not really complete higher secondary school education(Alevels) until last year. I passed with decent grades(A*,A,A) I hope to join a university in the fall of 2022 and earn a bachelors degree in mechanical...
  3. S

    Masters in physics with a bachelors in liberal arts

    I am a liberal arts student who is interested in pursuing physics after graduating. I've taken some physics courses over the last 2 years. They are waves and oscillations, classical electrodynamics, Qm1 and Qm2, statistical physics, and one course in experimental physics. I have learned topics...
  4. AJSayad

    Online ME or AE Program for Active Duty Military Service Members

    Hello everyone, I have a friend who serves in the military, he enlisted right out of high school (about 3 years ago) and he is looking to start a program to earn his bachelors degree. Due to his current role in the military, he needs to take courses online in order to fulfill his duties. He...
  5. S

    Programs Can I go from a Physics Bachelor's degree to a Comp Sci Master's?

    Hi, I recently graduated with a Physics and (pure) Math double major but I'm having a bit of a crisis on where to go with my life. I'd like to pursue a Physics PhD, but I'm trying to think of a plan B in case that doesn't work out. I have a general interest in math and programming, so I was...
  6. bhobba

    Programs Getting A Bachelors Instead Of Graduating HS

    Hi For all those go-getters out there, here is an example of how to get a Bachelors instead of graduating from HS: https://www.open.edu.au/advice/insights/university-at-sixteen It is from Aus. You can do it overseas, of course, but you do not get it mostly paid for by the government unless...
  7. octopus26

    Admissions Bachelors in physics to masters in applied math

    Hi all, so I am currently finishing a double major in physics and chemistry. I want to change paths here slightly and do a masters in applied math. My undergraduate math classes consisted of the usual calc 1, 2, and 3, differential equations, and linear algebra and a semester of math physics...
  8. S

    Physics Bachelors in physics with a minor in electric and computer engineering

    I am considering getting a physics bachelors with a minor in electric and computer engineering. I want to study computers and the hardware behind them, but also study the physics aspects of them. I also am considering going to graduate school to get a masters or PhD and doing research into...
  9. I

    Programs Masters in Eng/CS after a Math Bachelors

    I'm currently an undergrad finishing up a bachelors in pure math. I have no prereq's in CS or Engineering. I'm looking at a couple of "bridge programs" (BU LEAP and Tufts CS postbacc) that will allow me to get a masters in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science, respectively. My...
  10. Gjmdp

    Programs Big difference in the duration from Bachelors to PhD in USA/UK?

    In the USA, a bachelor is required to be accepted into a PhD program. A bachelor takes 4 years, and a PhD takes about 5-6 years (https://www.postgrad.com/study-in-usa/phd-in-usa/). If you have a Masters degree it may take 1 year less (which is weighted out with the duration of the master). So it...
  11. K

    Programs Online degree vs traditional bachelors degree?

    I'm currently looking at colleges to transfer to once I complete my associates. I still deciding on Clemson or USC, but I was also considering Arizona State online since their software engineering program is abet accredited. I was wondering though how would an employer view an online degree...
  12. T

    Engineering Is it more prudent to get a a second Bachelors or a Masters?

    Hi Y'all, Hope all is well for the holidays. I am a senior and headed toward a BS in Biochemistry. But I have been doing research with a guy who does environmental remediation for 2 years. I think that that is where my heart lies. I want to develop more specialization especially because my...
  13. P

    Programs Completing a Bachelors degree without a laptop?

    Hello PF, Im going through some financial difficulties and i need some money, i have a gaming laptop that i can sell and that would help me greatly. I've been considering buying a 10 inch tablet and save the rest of the money... Has anyone done this? going through a bachelors degree using just...
  14. M

    Job Skills Should I Pursue a Second Bachelor's Degree in Aerospace Engineering?

    Good Morning, I'm going to be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Sound Recording Technology at the end of this fall semester. After spending the last 4-5 years working 'in the industry', I'm thinking that working bars on nights and weekends isn't really my speed. At 22, I'm still young...
  15. J

    Programs Is a Dual Degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering Worth It?

    I'm looking at Civil and Architectural engineering for the 2 bachelors in dual degree fashion. But would the graduate degree most likely civil/structural be better suited or do the 2 degrees compliment each other enough? At my school (OkSt) there is 3 different focuses for architectural...
  16. D

    Engineering Physics bachelors to Engineering masters

    Can one do a physics bachelor's degree and carry on to pursue a master's in engineering? I was wondering if this would be a feasible and practical route.. I understand that I'd probably have to take a couple of extra engineering classes here and there but was thinking it probably wouldn't be...
  17. Z

    Admissions Bsc in Physics after Bachelors in Computer Science

    Can anyone tell me if its possible to do a BSc in physics and astronomy after doing bachelor's in computer science? I was looking at applying for a Masters in physics and astronomy but looks like BSc is kind of a must because of the lack of training in physics I have. I looked at schools like...
  18. P

    Other Doing a physics Masters after a CSE Bachelors

    Hi, european here. To some circumstances I can't study physics anymore but I'd like to still get into physics. So currently I'm studying computational science at ETH Zürich. Although we can focus in theoretical physics in our bachelors "thesis", the curriulum differs a lot when compared to...
  19. majormuss

    Physics Ideal job for a physics bachelors

    Hi all, I am a 25 year old with a bachelors in physics, with plans of returning to graduate school to get my astrophysics PhD. I am particularly fascinated by Dark Matter/Energy research. I have been teaching science at an inner city middle school for a couple of months until I quit...
  20. Yossi Halperin

    Physics What to do with a bachelors in physics? Any ideas?

    I graduated with my degree in physics some time ago. I chose it because I thought it would provide me with a solid background. Now after I graduated I'm not sure what to do with it.
  21. Amey Shukla

    Programs Roadmap for Bachelors Degree in Physics

    I apologize for asking a question that has been asked trillions of times. I've searched the PF for many links, however, I didn't find something good. Let's suppose, a person named Arthur. This guy is a 12th grade student. He is able to do Halliday Resnick Walker. He has slight background in...
  22. Z

    Programs Associates in ME to bachelors in CS

    So I've been perusing this associates in ME for the past year and I have one year left until I'm finished. I was thinking about continuing my education in ME at a university but I just recently found an interest in computer science. I've always liked computers, I even programmed a little when I...
  23. C

    Other Trouble finding job with Physics Bachelors

    Hello! I graduated in February 2016 with a B.Sc. in Physics and my job hunt isn't going very well. I'm searching for jobs in the semiconductor industry or embedded systems field, hopefully as a programmer. A little background on my qualifications: in addition to my knowledge of electronics and...
  24. Y

    Programs Phd one class at a time? Going back for another Bachelors?

    So I know some school out their will gladly take my money from me, but my question is can you pursue a phd in engineering while working full time, by just taking one class at a time? That is what I'm currently doing for my masters degree, and wondering if it's even possible for a phd. I know...
  25. A

    Programs Second Bachelors in Physics, Masters or PhD?

    Hello, I'm a mechanical engineering student, graduating next year. But I'm interested in getting a PhD in physics. I know this has been asked a lot, I read through ZapperZ's excellent essay on the subject, his post, and many other related threads. But I'm still somewhat confused. Now I know for...
  26. M

    Schools Grad school for Bioengineering with bachelors in CompE?

    Can you get into a graduate program for biomedical engineering with a computer engineering degree? would you be at a big disadvantage to someone with an electrical engineering degree?
  27. R

    Feeling Lost and Demotivated in Physics Bachelors

    Hi guys, Sorry if my first post has to be one where I complain, but I am unsure about what I should do next. I started physics kind of late, after a degree in economics, at a top tier university in Europe but a public one. Our first year was horrible, VERY theoretical and we didn't do much...
  28. D

    Programs What major usually entitles a student to a better job?

    Information Technology or Health Services Administration? Will acquiring a Bachelors in these majors plus an internship lead to a stable and efficient career? Please give me the pros and cons of each major. Thanks.
  29. M

    Education sequence->bachelors to masters or bachelors to PhD

    Hello All, I am confused about something, and I am hoping that someone can clear this up! The more that I talk to people in "STEM" fields, the more it seems that their education sequence is to go from bachelors to PhD and they just skip the masters entirely. Is this common? Or am I just...

    Can I get masters in physics after bachelors in engineering?

    I am in the final semester of my bachelors in Mechanical engineering, my aggregate %age is only 65. I am interested in studying physics, astronomy, I always wanted to, but I opted for engineering after my higher secondary(10+2) instead of bachelors in physics. Now I feel that it is too late to...
  31. T

    Programs 4 year bachelors physics degree taking 5 years -- is that bad?

    I'm entering my 3rd year, for a bachelors degree in Physics. I messed up in the first year and now I'm trying to catch up. Can I get a place in a university for a doctorate or MA afterwards?? Even if my grades are really good in each subject/course? I'm getting worried! Thanks.
  32. deep838

    GRE with 3 years of Bachelors degree?

    Hi, I am currently in my 3rd and final year of B.Sc Physics. Soon I'll have to start applying for a Masters degree. Is it true that you need 4 years of bachelor degree to get admitted for Postgraduate via GRE exam? If so, is there any university outside India which will accept my 3 year course...
  33. T

    Engineering Second Bachelors in Electrical Engineering at FIU?

    Hi, I graduated with a B.S in Economics from Florida State University about 3 years ago, but now I'm looking to switch fields. Can anyone tell me about the EE undergrad program at Florida International University? I'm considering FIU because I can live with my parents for a while and save a...
  34. VoloD

    Programs 2nd bachelors Degree Question (after a SAP appeal)

    My BS is in Physics and I had considered getting another BS in industrial engineering. However I have question that I can not find any direct answer on FAFSA website I have accumulated more than 180 hours in my Bachelors Degree, going over the 150% limit for an undergraduate major. My appeal...
  35. K

    Programs A Second Bachelors Degree in Physics

    Hello, I know that this question has been posted by others before, and I've read the threads, but I want to hear it again. I'm about to graduate with a BA in Geography. It has taken 8 years to get it, because I am not made of money and I've spent more time at work than I have at school. In...
  36. KylieVegas

    Programs Masters in physics without a different bachelors degree?

    Hello I am an incoming Biology student (college), i really wanted to take applied physics as my course but my parents told me that it is better to be a doctor, anyways, it's summer here and I started taking Calculus 1 in coursera.com (i have NO backgroud in calculus because we don't have...
  37. J

    Exploring EE Career Paths: Bachelors vs. Masters Degree

    I am getting my bachelors in physics next semester but figured out I want to do EE as a career. I could finish a BSEE in two extra semesters, or go straight to MSEE in about 6 semesters. My question is how many EE jobs actually require a masters degree? Do most just require a bachelors? Have...
  38. hgducharme

    Physics vs. Engineering undergrad for industry aspirations?

    First, I would like to thank in advance to anybody who takes the time to read this and provide any feedback. Your help is greatly appreciated! I’m a first year undergrad and my passion is studying physics. I find myself 95% of the time looking up things that pertain to physics & science rather...
  39. D

    Engineering BS in Physics to Engineering Career

    So I am about to finish my BS in physics from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). I do not want to be a physicist anymore. I am wanting to get into the engineering field for a living and realize it is hard to break in with a physics BS. I also realize that if I get a masters in...
  40. D

    Programs What after a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering.

    I am going to complete my bachelors degree in EE in less than six months now. My areas of Interest are Electric Machines, Control Systems and Power Electronics. I am going to enter my final semester in December. I already have a job offer from a very good Company. They have asked me to join once...
  41. I

    Advice on transition from associates to bachelors

    Hello, I've been reading this forum off and on for a while now, and this is my first post. Background: I am 22 years old, and I've spent almost 4 years now at a community college obtaining an associates degree mainly because I didn't take high school seriously and placed very low...
  42. H

    Engineering Software Engineering Bachelors and future employment

    In two years, if I decide to go into software engineering, would the outcome be bad? I guess I would like to understand what the community here thinks about this, specifically factors relating to demand of the majors, outsource-ability, over-saturation and so on... What do you guys think...
  43. S

    Physics after bachelors in Computer/Information science

    Is it possible to do masters in Physics after studying computer science or information science at bachelors level? Do US universities accept students from Computer science or Information science for MS in physics? p.S.: I can prepare for physics GRE as I havea deep passion for physics
  44. T

    Second Bachelors, Physics this time GPA/GPA Split

    Some years ago, I graduated with a degree in Political Science. My grades were...nothing special, C+ to B- average. How badly would that affect my chances at graduate school if I came back and just tore through the Physics curriculum with a 3.7-4.0 GPA the second time around? Assume that I...
  45. G

    Bachelors in Physics vs Mathematics vs Mech. Eng., need advice

    Im applying to several universities(in korea) and in i have to declare my major at the time of application. There is no doubt i want to pursue my career as an astrophysicist and i want to take up physics, but just incase I am not able to get physics major, it is required to select 2 more...
  46. M

    Bachelors in Physics: Now where are these jobs I was told about?

    When I switched to physics, it was mostly because I love science, and my major in journalism was going to numb my mind to an early grave, but also because frankly I needed to find a job that would make paying for an education a worthwhile investment. I am about to graduate from Shippensburg (one...
  47. 1

    Math Education Bachelors -> Masters in Math

    This is for a friend, google is literally turning up nothing for us. What would it be like to go to graduate school in math after graduating as a math education major? Would it be difficult? Would there be a lot of catching up to do? Should some time be taken off to study things like...
  48. H

    Programs Second Bachelors Degree in Aerospace engineering at age 27?

    Hi guys, I hope I can explain my situation well enough and get some good feedback on what to do. I graduated with a Bachelors in Economics, at the age of 24, started college late due to some financial hardship. I've been working for two years now, and I'm at a crossroads on what to do next...
  49. W

    NEU for a Bachelors of Physics

    Im deciding to go to NEU for a Bachelors of Physics, with a specialization in Education. I don't want to have too many classes, but I also want to get full financial/ student aid by being a full time student w/ 4 classes. Could I have 3 classes and still receive full financial/ student aid? I...
  50. B

    MPhys vs Bachelor's Degree - UK Education System

    Hello, this is a question that is specifically about the UK educational system, but maybe there are some parallels with the US. I am currently studying physics at university (and loving it) at the Bachelor's level. I know my goals may shift as I go through my degree but right now I think...