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Courses Would you need some background before calculus physics?

  1. May 8, 2016 #1
    Let's say this person has no background in the subject whatsoever; he has not taken a single physics class in his entire life. How would he fare in calculus-based physics, in your opinion? I'm sure I've already made this topic, and asked this question before, but I can't seem to find it on this site using the search function.
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    Is this person you?
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    How is your calculus?
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    I just finished II.
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    That doesn't answer my question. You can finish calculus II and not understand any of it.
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    Sorry. I'm fairly proficient in calculus; I was great in I, and am skillful in II, with the exception of series and using the proper vocabulary (series vs. sequences) to describe the behaviors of the infinite series, as well as sequences, my teacher has tested us on. I can get series and sequences mixed up pretty easily; other than that, though, I was pretty good in Calculus II this semester. Much better, I think, than how I did last fall with Calculus I. Overall, I think I understand everything pretty well.
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    You would do fine in Physics 1 (Calculus-based Physics, beginning of the series for science & engineering majors), as long as you are good through Intermediate Algebra and have strong basic Trigonometry skill and knowledge. You may still STRUGGLE to learn, but you have a good chance of doing well.

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    Thank you for your input, symboli.
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