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Studying Would you say that 28 hours per week is enough studying time (13 units)

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    If a student spends roughly 28 hours per week studying, and has 13 units , would you say that this is enough study time for the average person?
    With classes that are math, science related.

    This pertains to a student at a 2 year college? Do you beleive it would it be different for a university level student?
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    The conventional wisdom is that you should study about two hours for every hour you spend in class, so by that definition it is enough studying. However, everybody learns differently, and so it might take you twice as long to learn something as someone else (or half as long).

    Study until you feel that you have a solid grasp of the material and can demonstrate it by being able to do problems from the relevant sections in the textbook without having to consult your notes.
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