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Writing an essay for summer research as an undergraduate

  1. Apr 10, 2015 #1
    I'm a second year physics undergrad getting ready to apply for a summer research program at my school. These positions are very competitive so I'd like to ask for some advice.

    The main component of the application is a 500 word essay stating why I want to participate in the program and what I hope to learn. I'm looking for advice on writing this essay.

    I'm not at the top of my class in physics. I'm slightly above average on my best days but I have a practically obsessive relationship with my interests. I'm also majoring in math.

    How do you stand out with these types of essays?
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    Research the positions and tailor you essay to them hilighting the strengths you'll bring to the projects. Its like a job appl where you tailor your resume to what they are looking for from your set of skills.
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