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Writing and publishing an e-book.

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    I have a small project I want to work on: I want to write a small educational e-book on a science topic, such as acid base chemistry, just for the joy and creativity of doing it. I like to dive into subjects and write about them.

    Do any of you know what software I would need in order to write and publish such a book as an e-book (with pictures/diagrams/drawings) on amazon?
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    latex has it all for you. I used to write reports on chemistry labs when I was in college.
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    Thank you, So everything from writing to formatting to different platforms (e-ink readers, iphone etc.) can be done with Latex alone?
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    Stephen Tashi

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    Of course not.

    There's Lyx (which incorporates Latex) but I found it's interface awkward last time I tried it. Like you, I'm interested in good e-book writing software, but I only use Linux. So I don't want a Windows-only or Mac-only solution.
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    Thank you, I guess I'll have to do some research when i begin writing, then perhaps i can write about the things I've tried out in terms of formatting software.
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