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Other Publishing Book Review - PhD student

  1. Jan 2, 2017 #1
    Hi All,

    Happy 2017!!

    I am a first year PhD student at a well respected research university for Fluid Dynamics research in England. My PhD research is in the field of Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics.
    I am interested in gaining some writing, and publishing experience and I thought that a good way of doing this would be by trying to submit a book review to a journal.

    Does anyone have any experience with doing this? I would like to hear not just from supervisors but also students.

    Any advice on finding a journal to do such a thing?

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  3. Jan 2, 2017 #2
    You should discuss this with your advisor. These kind of things is why an advisor exists in the first place.
  4. Jan 2, 2017 #3
    Sorry if i was not clear, I have spoke to my supervisor and others in the department. I was more looking for further thoughts on the matter, particularly from other students.
  5. Jan 2, 2017 #4
    And what did your advisor say? What exactly is it that you want to know that your advisor couldn't tell you?
  6. Jan 2, 2017 #5
    Nothing in particular, I just feel that in these matters it is always nice to have multiple opinions, and experiences discussed. I feel that many people who have done this previously may have additional insight to this, as opposed to my supervisor who hasn't been a PhD student in many years.
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