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Writing down Mathematics with Arrays

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    I know how to do basic matrix operations, but sometimes I do calculations on computers and do array operations. How do I write down array operations on paper? For example, say I have two matrices, A and B, and I want to multiply them element by element.
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    What you really want is the ordinary product at the top of the linked wiki article.
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    He seems to want to multiply them element-wise, which is was the Schur product is for.
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    So if I take the Schur product of A and B to get C, do I write

    [tex]A \cdot B = C[/tex]

    As far as notation goes, this looks exactly like a dot product.
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    You can use whatever notation for you that you want. What's important is that you know you're talking about the Schur product. I've seen some people use [tex]A *_S B[/tex].
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