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Writing letter to a professor about enrollment into MS program

  1. Aug 13, 2014 #1
    Hi people,

    This is the first time I am writing a letter to a professor about my enrollment into their MS program. i have already completed a draft with my cgpa, current thesis, research interest etc.
    Now do I write the whole detail in the body of the email or i make a doc file and attach it to mail. also what would be a good subject of my mail.
    please response
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    I've no special advice concerning this topic, because I don't know about the habits at your university. The only thing, I'd avoid is a doc-file attachment. You don't write which subject you work in, but here in theoretical physics the computing environment is usually linux or another unix flavor. Proprietery file formats are not always appreciated, although usually it's no problem to read them with libreoffice or openoffice. I'd attach one pdf file with CV, research interests, etc. and keep the e-mail short (like a cover letter).
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    and what should i write in the "subject" part of my mail?
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    I think the cover email should be compact. State the intention of the email, then refer to the pdf file attached. Also, be polite and gramaticaly corect. Would you want a student that doesn't even bother to check his grammar in the two most important sentences that he will write this year?

    Not much more than this (I don't know how formal MSc applications are. Here, every student can simply choose to continue with an MSc after finishing his Bachelor thesis):

    title: enrollment MSc program

    Dear Professor X,

    I am applying for enrollment in the MSc program and have prepared all necessary documents for your consideration.
    Please find them attached to this email.

    With kind regards,
    John Doe
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