What is enrollment: Definition and 11 Discussions

In the United States, dual enrollment (DE), also called concurrent enrollment, programs allow students to be enrolled in two separate, academically related institutions. Generally, it refers to high school students taking college or university courses. Less commonly, it may refer to any individual who is participating in two related programs.

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  1. Ivan Seeking

    US College enrollment 60-40 female

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/todaysdebate/2021/09/15/college-fewer-men-hurts-america/8278887002/ Where have the men gone and why? 50 years ago the numbers were essentially reversed. As one writer commented, one of the most dangerous things in the world is a young man with no job, no...
  2. poincare

    Courses Enrollment in graduate courses

    In graduate school, is it possible to enroll in courses even though one is not doing their phd in that subject ? So can a math phd student take physics graduate courses ? Also, does the math phd student have to formally satisfy the prerequisites for that physics course. Let's say he/she wants to...
  3. kuan9611

    Engineering Engineering Enrollment Statistics - Thoughts?

    Hi all! I'm an undergrad sophomore in engineering trying to decide on which major to pursue (namely civil/mechanical). Recently I came across this fascinating piece of publication, which contained a massive amount of data regarding engineering enrollments by major, demographic, and school...
  4. C

    Writing letter to a professor about enrollment into MS program

    Hi people, This is the first time I am writing a letter to a professor about my enrollment into their MS program. i have already completed a draft with my cgpa, current thesis, research interest etc. Now do I write the whole detail in the body of the email or i make a doc file and attach it...
  5. Giant

    Enrollment in C programming course

    I've decided to learn programming in my holidays. And I've enrolled myself in a C programming class (Apparently they don't allow C++ unless you know C). The course requirement says familiarity with "programming techniques" I tried searching it but I din't get the meaning I just got various...
  6. C

    Did the Higgs Boson boost undergraduate physics enrollment?

    I am writing about some crazy hypothesis I have about the impact the quest for the Higgs Boson, thereafter designated as HB, might have had on the number of people who declared physics majors during the years following its discovery. The preliminary data I have concerns two universities in my...
  7. debsuvra

    Programs Direct Enrollment in PhD programmes after finishing Undergraduates

    Hello there, I'm a Undergraduate student of Physics from India. Recently I came across information regarding joining PhD programmes directly after completing undergraduate courses in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Frankly speaking, I didn't know it was possible. Now, since I solemnly...
  8. Q

    Schools Concurrent enrollment in high school

    Since some of you are high school students and may be contemplating it, I just wanted to share my opinion - don't do it unless the grades are perfect! If I could go back and change anything about high school, it would be NOT doing this. I took a bunch of classes in 11th grade and got credit from...
  9. physics girl phd

    1000-student enrollment lectures (possible at ASU)

    In the Chronicle of Higher Education yesterday... "Arizona State University plans to lay off at least 200 non-tenure-track faculty members in the coming months, a move that could push some lecture-style classes to enrollments of 1,000 students."...
  10. L

    Courses Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

    I know some undergraduates who are taking graduate level courses at my school. Do you think it's a good a idea for me to take a graduate level class in order to understand more about my current research? BTW, the class I am considering is taught by my research advisor, and the subject concerns...
  11. bayan

    Help Needed: Experienced Advice for Physics Course Enrollment

    help required from your exprience. I consider my self quite a good physicist (I can think clear) I really love Relativity (specially Special-Relativity.) I am good at maths (if it involves things that I do in physics class.) I also like Astronomy (which in a way involves SR). Unfortunatly...