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Wrong science information everywhere?

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    I just found this video: with the name "Dark Matter Mystery Finally Solved, and It's Simple?!" (it has more than 7000likes and about 75 dislikes) . The problem here is that it's the first video that pops out when you write Dark Matter in YT search and it's not the only one of this type.
    Recently I've seen hundreds of videos like this where people with 0 understanding in Physics talk about speculative ideas or ideas that they didn't even understand.
    I think the idea of real physicists popularizing science is good but i think that people that are not physicist should not wave hands and advertise wrong/unproven/misunderstood information.

    What do you think about this?
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    It's okay, Elliott Morgan attended the University of Florida, graduating in 2009 with his Bachelor of Science in Zoology. We can trust him on his reputable credentials of understanding dark matter knowledge
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    It is not the first video that pops out when I write Dark matter in YouTube. Perhaps you've been searching for this kind of videos for a while? YouTube is google, so they probably use the same algorithms, or something similar atleast.
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    No actually I've tried to clear all history/cookies and the result is still the same it's the first video. I am aware that they use this kind of "smart" search algorithms which depend on previews searches but I think it's not the case here.
    What I've also noticed is that YT put videos from my country first (based on IP) always although this video is certainly not from my country so i don't know.
    In either case I was just wondering what do you think about this kind of videos. In this forum there are a lot of physicists/people that take physics seriously so I was wondering what is their opinion about this kind of things.
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    It is the first one that pops up for me, and I rarely look at physics stuff these days.

    Doesn't seem like wrong information per se. Just two smarmy d****bags over sensationalizing somebody's research. Could be worse. Could be Michiu Kaku.
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